What is a Selfie Photo?

What is a Selfie Photo?

The social media has given rise to a strange phenomenon known as the Selfie. But it is not everybody who is aware of the term. A Selfie is a picture of yourself that is shared on social networking websites. Taking a Selfie photo was started by famous celebrities. There is too much behind the way we do it and why taking a Selfie has become a popular trend.

Who takes Selfies?

Everybody takes a Selfie photo, but younger crowds are involved in the trend so much because teenagers are heavy digital users compared to old people. There are some Selfies which are close ups, others show part of arm held straight outward. There are various types of Selfie styles. The social media is the driving force of Selfie activities, young kids want to be connected to girlfriends, boyfriends and crushes. They are active when it comes to sharing Selfies regularly.

Reasons why people take Selfies?

What kind of psychological factors that drives people to take a Selfie and upload it on any social networking website. Everybody situation is different, one of the reasons why most people take a Selfie photo, so that they can get attention from friends. Most people like to be noticed on social media and likes or comments from friends are a quick way to fish for compliments and boosting ones ego. Teenagers are the leading people who take part in this trend. They are not only plugged into the internet all the time but they have self esteem issues and most of them upload Selfies in order to deal with their self consciousness.

It is human nature to show off their great achievements. If you feel good about yourself it is simple to reach your phone. Another reason why people take Selfie is because they are bored. Most people are bored at work, home, toilet and at school. There are some people who take Selfies because they are idle and they have nothing to do. Social media is all about being social. If it means uploading many Selfies as possible do it. There are some people who do not require a reason to take a Selfie. They do it because they like doing it for fun.

The world’s biggest and most extravagant lips: Kristina Rei

These days we see a lot of people are willing to have a beautiful face and figure to obtain the desired cosmetic surgery out but this case is quite different about Kristina Rei. One of the operations in various parts of the world in recent years become increasingly popular among girls, is big lips.

Girls who engage in this work, which they consider to be more beautiful while acknowledging all beauty experts, this action is not only unsightly but also further doesn’t add to the beauty of her face. Kristina Rei who is only 22 years old from the age 17 start to inject the gel into her lips to have big lips. She has experienced more than 100 injections and she plans to continue its work.

Kristina says that no matter how people treat on the street with me because I am satisfied of my work and I’ve spent more than 6000 dollars for it and still continue to do my work. She was injected with 100 Amp Silicon for this work and she has very big lips and for the lips she named “the world’s largest lips” and this is so weird.

She is said to be a natural addition to her real face and she lost her beauty, she is like the cartoon character.

“Kristina Rei” said: I’m addicted to my big lips. Despite the high costs and pain and I have decided that it is, as I continue to expand for my lips because I am so beautiful!

Scientific studies have shown that highlight the disadvantages of prosthetic lips with fat for fat grafting I not good and almost constant and is appropriate to highlight more of these methods should be avoided, because the results looks very bad. Fat injections can cause complications grainy bumps and dents cited.

S*x house in Tehran!

A few months ago on this page, we posted the release of the presence of many Iraqis in Mashhad.

So they ban on performing the concert in the city, according to a hadith from Imam Reza! Concerts in the city is prohibited.

The photos and video of the blessed people! Iranian to visit and they wants a woman in a city that has been dubbed as heads of the spiritual capital of Iran! After the domination of Isis and insecurity in Iraq and also turned down the national currency’s value seeing Iraqis are in Mashhad.

The city has introduced many singers and musicians, now needs to showcase the spread of prostitution in the country is temporary!

A woman who was not identified, in the town of Golestan, warned by the police because the she was improperly dressed. A few minutes later she stripped off her clothes in the street and began to run. It is believed that excessive consumption of glass caused by women is such an ugly act.

People in Ladan Boulevard, Mashhad early Sunday morning faced with the strange scene. They saw a young woman with very poor coverage, and while her behavior seemed unnormal was walking. To report to the police, police officers and social emergency team immediately went into action, and the woman was arrested. 27-year-old female officers for the coordination of social emergency technicians to study the pathology of 123 handed in his place.

Probably one of the most innovative shame auctions Up to now, Italian buyers to achieve free and half-price clothes, they were nak*d. According to the website of the British “Daily Mirror”, the Spanish brand (Desigual) in the last week, a party to mark the start of t*pless Specials Rome and Turin, Italy, organized in January. This is so bad that we here this news.

Who exactly is Khodadad?

Sheila was born in Tehran-Iran on November 5, 1980. She attended math at the high school and Chemistry at the University. She meet “Masud Kimiai” accidental who was a Big director in Iran and that was her Entering gate to the world of acting. .She also has talent in music . She’s favorite sports are football and Volleyball and her favorite football team is Esteghlal.

Sheila divine is married and his wife is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He also is active in the field of music and worked in several music groups. His favorite sport, soccer and volleyball, and his favorite team are independence.


Sheila was divine chemistry students of the University. She had performed in many dramas and also movies. The drama series which was named SMS from after life ran for a period of one month. An aging businessman under a load of debt decides to get rid of all his problems by planning the unthinkable. But as he launches his evil plan, he realizes everything isn’t as easy as he’d thought.

Our cinema is known that M. Kmyayy to a young talent is discovered. This is the name given to the stars in film today we have a special place, overpowering. and look at the art of the actor and actress categories is its durability or Avfl him. One of those talents that work in one of their first appearance Sheila M. Kmyayy opportunity is Khdad.

His first lead actor in the film hermetic protests began. Protest good outlet for a young inexperienced as he was talented and play alongside people like Darius venerable, Mitra Hajjar and MR humble he was a good experience. Water plays a young mother and her pregnant despite limited sequence played well and this is a good introduction for him in the movie Ali Zhekan Jesus comes to the role of women is a film actor.

Chinese man marries a dead girl: Zhuang Huagui and Hu Zhao

Eternal love and fidelity, and who always had a story like that in the real world, but in reality it is not. Even though they both love these little stories are still unfolding, and quickly spread throughout the world. When true love is a durable some of these stories are beautiful in every way.

A 26-year-old Chinese man with a 21-year-old nominated who was murdered before he married 8 days!

The couple planned to marry each other in the February quarter, but on January 28, a week before the wedding to be unlucky girl is killed by two robbers. With all the pain and lack of love he still wanted to marry his fiancé. The funeral was held in the hall weddings and family celebrations we had both. The bride wore a beautiful dress and was lying in a crystal coffin.

Photo bride and groom in front of the hall to welcome the guests were on hand. A couple other things to prove their love before death. Marriage the bride and groom in love with her fiance in the last days of the bride and groom to prove his love. “Zhuang Huagui” cancerous the nodes was 24 years old and 6 months to fight this disease.

But now he was so severe that doctors no longer able to survive speech he gave up hope. “Zhuang Huagui” Three years ago on Valentine’s Day of the girl since childhood he was interested in the proposal. Matchmaking ceremony was held in a room full of pictures of beautiful beaches around the world.

On the day of the wedding was at the bedside of his dying wife stood up to the weddings take place. But he had done so dire that the priest replied ceremony to present the “I accept the fiance was only able to gently push.

2-Years-Old Baby smoking 40 cigarettes a day

It was shocking news when the reports came about a 2 year old baby in Indonesia who was addicted to smoking cigarettes every day. Reportedly his ancestor started were smoker because the baby was adversity from a hernia, but was too adolescent to accept surgery. Smoking cigarettes was started as an anatomy of affliction relief. Nicotine is addictive, and the baby is now addicted. He now throws tantrums if he doesn’t get his certain packets of cigarettes, media outlets accept been reporting. Sources accept declared the babyish was in fact accustomed to alpha smoker at the age of 18 months.

To abounding people, acceptance such a adolescent to smoke (even introducing the babyish to cigarettes) is actual shocking. In Indonesia though, tobacco ascendancy regulations reportedly are weak, and the tobacco industry is strong. Advertising campaigns there are accustomed to animate the actual adolescent to smoke. An adventure from the Irish Examiner declared the government there receives billions of dollars anniversary year in revenues from tobacco sales.

Indonesian Adolescent Protection Commission administrator Hadi Supeno said, “There are abounding accouchements beneath 5 years of age who accept started smoking. A decade ago, the boilerplate age of abecedarian smokers was 19, but a contemporary abstraction begin that the boilerplate is seven.”

Such an acute abusement is instantly not accustomed by anyone as actual ailing for a baby, or any child. However, abounding accouchement about the apple is as well apparent to secondhand smoke in the home. Some parents smoke about their children, and the accouchement drag cigarette smoke from breath the air. Lung blight and affection bloom problems accept been affiliated to secondhand smoke exposure.

Even if parents smoke outside, accouchement still blot some of the nicotine, said a analysis abstraction about smoker and exposure. From a arbitrary of the study, “Even if cigarettes are not smoked abreast a baby, cigarette effluvium may alloy dust that settles in carpets, on toy and appliance surfaces and on the floor. These altar can abide attenuated for several months!”

10 cosmetic surgery in a day: Heidi Blair Pratt (Heidi Montag)

According to statistics compiled by the International Association of Plastic Surgeons who are related to past years, the popularity of cosmetic surgery among women has increased more than 23 million surgical and cosmetic taken in 2013.

In the field of cosmetic surgery Brazilians for the first time in 2013, American women were surpassed and topped plastic surgery.

According to the International Association of Plastic Surgeons, the American women in general do cosmetic surgery or Botox injections as a means of beautification with 4 million people are still the first. Surgery removes the fat with a 600 million cases worldwide in cosmetic surgery has been ranked second.

And eyelid surgery, with about one million and 400 thousand in was in the third grade cosmetic surgery 2013. Women with more than 20 million cosmetic surgery or therapy, 87 and 2 percent of the total work done in 2013 in the world to have won.

Plastic Surgery Statistics beautify among men is rising. In 2013, more than 3 million men and 8 percent of the 12 methods used in plastic surgery. Nose Surgery, Breast Reduction, fat reduction, eyelid surgery and ear surgery among men who have been using it.

But the record of a woman’s best cosmetic surgery in one day. Heidi Blair Pratt, who is known by the name of Heidi Montag, was born in September 1986. She is one of the most successful figures in American television and over the age of little cosmetic surgery done. In 2007, Heidi worked her lips and nose but it denied, but in an interview with People magazine officially announced on 20 November 2009 in a 10-day cosmetic surgery done.

This surgery involves surgery, brow, nose, chin, cheeks, ears, etc. Now, after a few years, Heidi has said that really regret my actions and I wish I had not done those things.

She says the body is full of stitches and even in some parts of the body caused many ripples that away from me is beautiful. She adds: I want my body to be beautiful, but many parts of indecency and have been worse. It was not what I wanted!

15 billion Ali Karimi’s amazing house: Former National Player of Iran

Mohammad Ali Karimi Pashaky (November 8, 1978), also known as Ali Karimi, a retired Iranian football player born in Karaj, Tehran. In his 18-year career from 1996 to 2014, the history of the league to play in 4 countries Iran, UAE, Germany and Qatar and conquered clubs, Persepolis, Al Emirates, Bayern Munich, Alqatar, Steel Azin, Schalke 04’s and Tractor Sazi Tabriz. From 1998 to 2012, Karimi more than a decade was Iran’s national football team player. 127 games and 38 goals with the national, the third player in the history of the national game and the third player of the team’s top scorer.

Ali Karimi, who was known as a playmaker dribbling man, has many supporters in Iran and people called him the “Wizard” and “Asian Maradona” and he known with these names. He has also been involved in community activities and charity. Ali Karimi start professional football in 1996 with the Fath team in the Division II football and after 2 years joined the Perspolice Club, where he played 3 seasons 2 Times Cup “Azadegan” and was once the National Cup winner. And coincides with the national team, the 1998 Asian Games gold medal in Bangkok and this was very important for him as he told before that.

Ali Karimi from February 1998 for pushing referee in the match hoping for one year were excluded from participation in all national and club competitions and after the expiration of this term, he return to football again. Was also present at the 2000 AFC Asian Cup. After 2 seasons, Ali Karimi joined Tractor Sazi Tabriz and final season of his career by winning the FA Cup ended. Recently published pictures of his home, which created a lot of controversy was so weird for many people. The villa is situated in a pleasant and weather Lavasanat. The villa is very beautiful and eye-catching look like a palace. The luxury of the palace villa was so that all the knobs and faucet handles are made of gold.

17-year-old girl with 7 children: Pamela Villarruel

Reproductive health status of the world’s leading cause of health problems and death in women 15 to 44 years old. 99% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Every minute a woman dies due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

This figure represents a low priority of women in society. At least 8 million chronic diseases and pregnant women under 18 years of suffering. Maternal mortality, infant and child mortality risk of still raises. Infant mortality in case of death of the mother, 3 to 10 fold increase.

Every year several million unintended pregnancies in developing countries occur in children under 18 years which in many cases leads to unsafe abortions, which is a major cause of maternal death. Access to family planning services, ranging from unwanted pregnancy, abortion rate of 30 to 35 percent lower and reduce maternal mortality.

Girls under 18 years old during pregnancy, due to the physical structure and are at risk of malnutrition and nutrition before and during pregnancy increases the risk of complications in pregnancy and childbirth for mothers.

Malnutrition also causes malnutrition and infant and young generation are decrepit. The development of reproductive organs in women age 16 is the average age of onset of menstrual periods and at the beginning of the period also occurs irregularly and takes at least a year.

It has become a regular. Therefore pregnancy in women of reproductive age may damage the device. Children are beginning to experience many events along with his mother, and it will deprive him of growth and social development. However, despite a 17-year-old Argentine that has 7 children. Pamela Villarruel 17-year-old girl with 7 children living in Córdoba Province in Argentina. She has 7 children in all stages of pregnancy has delivered. Her first pregnancy and birth a son in 2005, when she was only 14 years old. In two other pregnant at age 15 and 16, in each of her three daughters were triplets.

26-year-old daughter that is the first female pilot fighter: Ayesha Farooq

Ambition Ayesha Farooq has several different directions. Ayesha Farooq 26-year-old, from one of the provience in East Pakistan. She was the first and only female military pilot ready for war in Pakistan.

Ayesha Farooq Pakistani woman is one of nineteen women have been hired in the last decade as a pilot in the Air Force. Of course this is only a sample of Pakistani women are nineteen women in recent years as a member of the national defense forces in Pakistan.

In today’s society, women play an important role in economic and military participation. In recent years, the share of women in private businesses has been a growing trend. Women consistently in all countries, particularly in rural areas and developing countries working hours than men but earn less than men and are less likely than men to consider the value of their work.

Studies have shown that, overall global economy is effectively in the workplace anywhere in the world and lower income earners and women in some countries can be attributed to the low level of women’s education.

Unfortunately wage income women as men, while women have some secret things that have never been to their own account, they do not consider it, if they can pay it accrues. For example, much of the agricultural work, especially in the northern regions of Peru while working in favor of men. They have no expectation of men, and they do not get paid for this work.

Director of the Institute for Studies of women’s equality because of differences in salary between men and women and even adds some ideas as breadwinners in families of men to promote the rights of men. Because the vast majority of women work at home and have a major role in the life, is faced with less income.

30 black brutal r*pe in Iranian journalist!

A news release on the beat, r*pe, and the absence of a week he did not publish. Also said police did not prosecute assailants, and claimed nothing they can do so. Mr. Rostami the Virginian Pilot newspaper reporter two weeks ago on the way back home along with other journalists David Forrester attacked and beat and r*ped 30 young were black. Although this publication is an experienced reporter.

Yesterday Mr. O’Reilly pointed out that Fox News presenter claimed that local authorities are covering up the news because they seem to have been racially motivated attack (blacks against the whites – Iranian and American). Is a graduate of the University of Texas and previously worked in the newspaper Arizona Republic.

Note that not only the US media but the local media also mentioned in the news media do not reflect, that the news media harassment more animals than humans care or of the person is apparently they Iranian is not very important.

The news a few days ago Iranian dog named “Hope” regularly Satellite Persian-language media, especially “Voice of America” ​​is played, and even Iranian executors Facebook to advertise their dogs, but there is no Iranian reporter’s beat.

A young eighteen years old boy named Riss Johns, put a stop to his demoniac and bestiality actions after exiting a coffee shop and affraying in street, and barging into a street and dishonoring an old woman who could bearly walk or talk.

The court stated: this young boy who recently got to his eighteenth age of his life, lead his early ages of the destruction path by a vulnerable dishonoring a ninety year old woman in a street at 02:45 A.M.

Johns who was a restaurant worker, after exiting a coffee shop while he was drunk and dancing on a street, made a scared woman call the police and run away.

31-year-old Son fall in love with 99-year old woman: Kyle Jones & Marjorie McCool

Kyle Jones, a young 31-year-old American from City of Augusta, Georgia 5 years with 91-year-old woman friend. Kyle Jones goes out with a number of women who live in nursing homes and he has fun time with them. He even met them with his mother, 50-year-old home. But the 91-year relationship with Marjorie McCool, short-term relationship and not a cross. It has been 5 years. Although the Marjorie McCool is 60 years older than Kyle, but have hot Making Love.

Always together and they take their hands with each other. Kyle says the tendency of the brain is different. Some men prefer women, blond, brunette, some women tall and I love older women. Kyle’s first Making Love was at age 18 with 50-year-old woman. This young 31 year old man in daily social networks friends with them and talk with them. He said: “Most of them are aged 60 to 80 years. Whenever I try to talk to the old lady, the first reaction is to say: you’re very young. I know a good way to talk to them and it would be a happy relationship. ”

Kyle was introduced in 2009 with Marjorie in a bookstore and he wanted her phone number. Marjorie who had been living with the father of her children for 37 years, she agreed to go to the date. He says: “The other women who were with them, I was jealous. But always tells me that I am better than them and she returns to me. ”

Marjorie says that most of the children are boys and they don’t care about what they are doing. They are 71, 63, 50, 43, 41 years old. She continued: “Many times people think that they would go out of my son or grandson. My grandsons of the same age. ”