Mohammad Ali Karimi Pashaky (November 8, 1978), also known as Ali Karimi, a retired Iranian football player born in Karaj, Tehran. In his 18-year career from 1996 to 2014, the history of the league to play in 4 countries Iran, UAE, Germany and Qatar and conquered clubs, Persepolis, Al Emirates, Bayern Munich, Alqatar, Steel Azin, Schalke 04’s and Tractor Sazi Tabriz. From 1998 to 2012, Karimi more than a decade was Iran’s national football team player. 127 games and 38 goals with the national, the third player in the history of the national game and the third player of the team’s top scorer.

Ali Karimi, who was known as a playmaker dribbling man, has many supporters in Iran and people called him the “Wizard” and “Asian Maradona” and he known with these names. He has also been involved in community activities and charity. Ali Karimi start professional football in 1996 with the Fath team in the Division II football and after 2 years joined the Perspolice Club, where he played 3 seasons 2 Times Cup “Azadegan” and was once the National Cup winner. And coincides with the national team, the 1998 Asian Games gold medal in Bangkok and this was very important for him as he told before that.

Ali Karimi from February 1998 for pushing referee in the match hoping for one year were excluded from participation in all national and club competitions and after the expiration of this term, he return to football again. Was also present at the 2000 AFC Asian Cup. After 2 seasons, Ali Karimi joined Tractor Sazi Tabriz and final season of his career by winning the FA Cup ended. Recently published pictures of his home, which created a lot of controversy was so weird for many people. The villa is situated in a pleasant and weather Lavasanat. The villa is very beautiful and eye-catching look like a palace. The luxury of the palace villa was so that all the knobs and faucet handles are made of gold.