An Argentine couple a total of more than three-quarters of their body covered with tattoos, official Guinness record as the pair made the most changes on your body, to have their names registered.

Victor 43-year-old and Gabriela 42 years old are from Argentina, respectively, 65 and 90 percent of their bodies have tattoos. They also put together a 50-hole instead of their bodies and jeweled rings and cast. 11 Zoom in the body, tooth fillings 5 and 4 ears with multipronged cache indication of the language of one of them, the other changes that the couple “love” on their own.

They live together 13 years, that are perfect for each other. Victor says: “We both have tattoos and many more will. We do not care what people think. ”

His first tattoo at the age of 13 and that the word “curse” tattooed around his fingers. Gabriela tattoo on his chest was the first time a red rose, which is now covered.

Victor is 20 years professional bodies loops on pockets and Gabriela has started this job six years ago. He also works as a modified body.

Tattoos to create a permanent or long-lasting designs on the skin is called. This phenomenon is wide. Even some of the motifs in different places of the world, the understanding similarity is also observed. Tattoos in Iran against women, athletes and ignorant mob was customary.

The indigenous people of Japan, traditionally the tattoo on your face. Today, tattoos on the face of North Africa, New Zealand and Taiwan are also common. Tattoos, especially in older people, and some ethnic groups in Taiwan, Philippines, remote islands, Africa, North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and Micronesia are common. The role was carved on the skin with a needle to take a little blood.

The world record for the longest beard: Sarwan Singh

The world’s longest beard

Global competition is the longest beard and mustache in November 2012. Sarwan Singh with his long beard, two meters long to have his name in the Guinness Book of record. He is a native Hindi, with the participation of stakeholders in celebration beard, the beard celebration was held in British Columbia, Canada would have a length of two meters, the previous record for the longest beard in the world was one meter and 80 centimeters, broken, and his name in the Guinness Book of record.


The world’s longest mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan 54 years after receiving the title of the people who like to have long hair, face, said the people should be the hair of his youth of the short as with age decreasing hormone refrain, CGR hair is reduced. He was the title for a long mustache and obtain of coconut oil used to strengthen hair and his beard is washed every 10 days. He has a mustache, about 426 cm before gaining it was received the attention of others as well.

The Longest Female Beard

Vivian Wheeler with a beard with of 9.27 cm length has the world record for the longest beard among women and she registered her name in world record Guinness. Although her father encouraged her to shave beard when she was 7 years old, but she has so far refused.

The longest hair in the world

Asha Mandela woman 25 years his hair short hair done and now owns 16.7 meters world record for the longest hair. The black woman in America with his second wife and only son lives every day to carry back your hair in place. Doctors have advised her to cut her hair because the risk of bacterial infections, but the extra weight is the most important threat to her long hair which she has spinal curvature.

The world’s first pregnant man: Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie was a girl when she was born. She legally became a man in 2002 with surgery. But the sexual organs and her uterus has not been removed from her body. After he changed his sex officially, his driving license and passport has changed from female to male. Thomas was born in 1974 in Hawaii. The TV program was attended by Mr. Beatie was about how he can make this and he told about his child. He speak about how she get pregnant and giving birth to a child out of the stomach through surgery.

Mr. Thomas spoke in a television program on the subject of how the disease (bigender) there are ancestral family. But he make this threat into an opportunity and now he has three children and kind wife and they have a good life. Mr. Thomas talk is based on an anonymous sperm donation and surrogate pregnant and it is so weird and amazing. He’s also spoke about the reactions of the public and the medical complications of pregnancy there in front of him.

Now he has three children that two of his first wife and the latter has delivered by himself. His wife gives milk to her baby because androgen secretion of milk in his body does not allow Mr. Beatie to gives his children milk. Thomas Beattie, 38 years old, who in 2008 was officially named as the world’s first pregnant man patented and was on top of the news is separated from his wife. Unfortunately it is a very bad news for this couple. Mr. Beatty 9 years living with his wife, Nancy, and in the case of divorce, said, “Our life is full of ups and downs like any other common life and finally we decided to separate and this is not unusual.”

The world’s most expensive bridal clothes made of peacock feathers!

Expensive bridal, bridal dress decorated with diamonds weighing 150 carats and is worth $ 12 million was invested. But no wedding is not willing to pay such a huge amount of clothing still remains in the museum.

Second Wedding Dresses by a Japanese designer. The dress of white gold with diamonds and pearls sewn and decorated the bride net worth is $ 8.5 million.

Eight for the second dress seamstress worked flawlessly for 2 months to prepare the bridal exhibition in Nanjing in China to display. Animal rights activists are outraged to prepare for the defense of the clothes they wear, but at the same time in 2009 peacock feather used and the cost of this work of art is $ 1.5 million.

Again in China in 2007, a bridal bouquet to display the world’s most expensive wedding dress. The western dresses for brides unusual but appropriate for some Eastern countries. On a red background, flower-shaped platinum. This dress is $ 250 thousand.

In 2010 the International Fashion Week in Miami costumes on display was the work of famous jewelry company that was wonderful. The 250 grams of 18 carat gold, 75 carat diamond dress high quality was prepared. This dress is worth $ 1.5 million.

However, do not assume that a company of this type of jewelry just work on brand! Imperial America in the early 1950s, the company showcased dress adorned with pearls and sewed it was before the war. It took 15 years to accumulate enough pearls, a hundred thousand units, and eight tailor the clothing provided during the two months and the value of 500 thousand dollars.

Grace Kelly is one of the most beautiful bridal dress can be considered. This dress is worth an estimated $ 300 million and about 23 meters of silk taffeta, lace and is 125 years old.

The world’s most expensive ice cream!

Recently started a cafe in Dubai UAE has worked most expensive ice cream to put on the menu. UAE’s most expensive ice cream that is similar carbonado Madagascar vanilla ice cream containing seeds, saffron Iran, and black mold is made in Italy.

But the matter has been added to eat ice cream, which is gold. Each bowl of ice cream with 23 carats of 4.6 grams of gold itself. Gold ice cream in a bowl with a spoon made by Versace Italian construction company served.

The price of a bowl of ice cream 2999 AED determines that the Iranian rial is approximately 2.7 million USD. Gold / White Gold Caviar a particular food that is prepared by mixing the most luxurious and most expensive food in the world is known.

On the other hand. This dish is called “Bianco” and a mixture of white caviar with gold, the price of 100 thousand euro per kg for a particular customer is ready.

According to the report after the white sturgeon, 22 carat gold plate is added to the world’s most luxurious and most expensive meal is ready.

Undoubtedly, this diet is not for the general population and only if a specific customer order is ready. Gold report suggests, to produce one kilogram of food, raw white sturgeon require 5 kg, 80% of the water is taken.

The food was first invented by an Austrian company. Every 250 grams of white sturgeon in the Austrian market are sold in more than 6250 euros.

Gold cappuccino is another one. Cappuccino, coffee, tea and hot drinks a lot these days have become a part of everyone’s daily routine. However, some like to drink their morning more luxurious than others and be more different. These people can order a cup of cappuccino with the price of gold at $ 25 per glass can make a good breakfast. Currently, many restaurants and hotels in the UAE have put their drinks on the menu.