The most world saw romantic matchmaking: Bondi Beach Proposal

The moment that a man kneeling in front of his beloved wife of her husband’s services and one of the most private moments of human life. But the bride and groom Australian matchmaking scene when they realized they had been broadcast all over the world were very surprised.

When an unknown person from the scene of the shooting sunrise Australian coast was completely at random moments woo the young men and their records online. The images of cute proved so interesting that all seek to identify this young couple and an Australian newspaper published a statement urged people to identify one to understand the pair.

A close friend of the couple to see them recognized and thus their identity was revealed. The young couple, Mr. and Mrs. McConnell, who they are and professional photographers to capture the moment the sun had gone to the place known as matchmaking ceremony was held. Mr McConnell said the 32-year-old was shocked to see these images.

Another case of a man gifted with an interesting way to woo his future wife shocked. But he was able to take a positive view bride.

The bride, 29, was walking on the beach when suddenly I saw his future wife when he was nailed. After 5 years, Andrew familiar with writing the sand on the beach of his favorite wife, “Karen,” the suit. He had written in the sand, “Karen Will you marry me?”

Andrew is 31 years old and extremely loved his future wife, he says, “all the time, I stress that everything goes well.” Two close friends helped him in this work. He says with “Karen” weekend ever come to this place and thought this was the best place to begin their formal joint moments. This is amazing.

The old woman has remained virgin!

Virgin is said to a person that they have never s*x with someone. Virginity in some cultures and religions is very important, especially for girls means probity, integrity and competence them.

There is usually a sign of virginity hymen is not known but scientifically accurate indication as may hymen in s*xual intercourse does not go away or is destroyed for reasons other than s*x. In some African tribes foreskin tightness and test the ability of urine from the top rope in a male virginity is considered a sign of meters, but none of these methods have no scientific validity.

Se*ual abuse and rape of military women S*x American Beauty America’s Army has become a big problem. Se*ual abuse of female US soldiers has caused these women to hit the enemy instead of friendly forces hit them. Power rape of some of these women so high that serious injury may occur in the body.

Currently, women make up fifteen percent of America’s military forces. Many studies show the possibility of rape in war zones would be even quadruple. Rape in America’s Army is a problem that is getting worse.

Women who serve in the US armed forces and now in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, rather than an enemy in war, shot put, on behalf of their comrades are at risk of se*ual assault!

One of the filmmakers is an entertaining film on the subject, says s*x crime has become commonplace in America’s Army. Because the perpetrators are rarely investigated and prosecuted. Mercedes Gallego said: “Because the purpose of raped women, usually from the commander and the higher echelons of the army are threatened, they dare not to report such cases.”

America government statistics indicate that one in three women in America’s military forces is one purpose of rape. Even in this case a book was released titled “Rape Intimate Enemy”. This book explains the shocking story of military women who have been victims of se*ual abuse and his US counterparts.

The old woman that appeared very young and cute: Anna Ilona Staller

This young lady is one of the most popular Italian television actors. This might be a little hard to believe, but the woman’s age Anna Ilona Staller 64 years. She was born in Hungary and raised in television as an actor and singer of Italian and she works there. She called her by showing her limbs in the video itself has been criticized by other singers.

She was born in Budapest, Hungary. Her father left the family when she was young and she was with her mother, a midwife and her father, who was an official at the Ministry of Hungary grew. In 1964 she began working as a model for the Hungarian capital. In her memoirs in a television interview in 1999, diplomats from some countries, as well as their relationships with some of her information disclosed. In early 1970 he was married to a writer of erotic stories and took his Italian citizenship. Her reputation in the run radio station in Hungary won the chubby little boy she was cast in the film.

In 1978 she was dancing in a show that was broadcast directly from the network Italy’s first fully nude and became a superstar in a hard-core pornographic films and in 1983 the red phone was another film that she played in it. Anna Ilona Staller played in The Rise and fall of the Roman and in this film she is HIV positive is that the news was released that the rumor was later able to prove a negative.

Her nudity in several other countries in the play showed her nude pictures released in magazines, United States, Hungary, Serbia and Mexico. She was always known as the dance and the dance of Argentina was the winner. There was rumors that she desperately for peace and some called for the fight against nuclear weapons during the war.

The old woman that looks like a cute girl and vice versa: Masako Mizutani & Nguyen Thi Phuong

Some people are much younger appearance of age or older shows. The Korean girl is still like a girl 20 years old. This is a 45 year old woman and a 22-year-old daughter is just like her. She also spends 6 hours a day to keep her skin fresh. An American woman gets older, the more youthful face. Anne Bolton, 47, has no signs of again.

This issue has caused a lot of problems in her personal life as she wished it to be older than what it is now. She says she has 4 children is often confused with young girls and decided to continue with the operation of her face closer to her real age.

She says this would disturb the wedding was beautiful and staying young and in the same place she had twice failed love Even her friends because she stay young attractive she seemed to have left their husbands.

Her eldest son, because she was always confused her with his girlfriend and had to explain all decided to go somewhere else with her. She describes her first wife because she is still young and beautiful looks After 15 years of marriage she left him. She twice after him because of her love of fracture was similar and is now being forced to be alone for life is concerned.

She says that although the situation for many women dream and wish something like that, but I am tired I hope someday I can return to normal life. I’m worried about leaving in the future and I hope that surgery would help me to figure out my age I have fits.

In contrast to this are people who look at a young age are very old. Although only 26 years old Chinese lady looks as a 90 years old woman. Because sensitivity and premature aging of her youthful beauty is lost.

The Pl*ayboy of All Time Hugh Hefner

Born in Chicago, Illinois this elder son of Grace Caroline and Glen Lucius is now a famous business tycoon of an adult magazine, and is also the founder as well as the chief creative officer of Pl*ayboy Enterprise, we are sure by now you must have guessed that we are talking about the real pl*ayboy of all times Hugh Hefner.

This man started his career as a copywriter for Esquire, but soon realised that he was meant to rule and not to serve, which is when he decided to mortgage all his furniture, which helped him in generating a loan of $600, and with the help of a few investors could manage further funds of $8000 which also included $1000 from his own mother, and so started his famous publishing Pl*ayboy, and the very first feature of this magazine was the all-time favourite of all Marilyn Monroe, in her nude calendar shoot that was shot in the year 1949, and this was the start of the publishing line going out to have sold over fifty thousand copies.

What was more interesting about Hugh Hefner apart from his Pl*ayboy magazine was his own life which depicted his status as a pl*ayboy, starting Hugh Hefner wedding list with his marriage to Mildred Williams, and their personal life going all public with Mildred confessing to have had an affair while Hugh was in army, and so had no option but to allow him to sleep with other women, even when they were married. But they were divorced later, and in his words Hefner has confessed to have many lovers, who had even filed palimony suit of thirty five million dollars against him. He then again married Kimberley Conrad and fathered two sons with her, but after 11 years of separation got divorced and got engaged to Crystal Harris in the year 2010. Hefner was 86 years old when he married Harris who was only 26 on 31st December, 2012.