The girl that suffers from her big breasts: Ellie Jaycock

The 17-year-old girl says her breast enlargement in May was ruining her life. Puberty is a difficult time for girls in developing countries aura slow changes in the age before age of teenager. Depression and sadness is a lot for them.

In this age of deformation are sometimes creates the appearance that it is far from its shape. It faced the phenomenon through puberty and her breasts began to grow up quickly. This is a rare condition that causes rapid growth of the breasts during puberty.

Now Eli, a student who is willing to risk her life to fall back to normal with her breast surgery. But because she is 17 years old and is growing, she refuses doctors surgery. Although she is 9 months her breasts stopped growing but still cannot perform surgery. She says a lot of pressure due to the weight of her breasts into her back, and afraid of the pressure paralysis.

Normal size for her breasts to 10, while the disease is 18. The first she knew of her breasts normal and not worried about them until after age 14, her breasts began to grow rapidly, and were of concern to her. She says she lost her confidence and she was constantly ridiculed by her schoolmate girls and people shouting in the street name and shame her.

These conditions increase the weight of her breasts and shoulder and back pain is a regular. Her breasts began to grow in the summer of her 15th year, and so far 17 have continued to rate and only 9 months, the growth stops.

Father, mother of daughter after noticing the problem quickly and took her to the doctor and implored them to solve the problem of their daughter, But unfortunately doctors couldn’t make it. They just was shown a few painkillers and hormone. It may also fails. She is on the waiting list has reached the age of 21 years.


The girl who eats Carpet: Jessica Knight

The four-year-old girl named «Jessica Knight» passion for eating carpeting home. The disease of the child is a situation in which people eat the wrong things, such as foams, carpets and other household objects that have no nutritional value and allies.

In another case, Teresa Widener 45 year old woman, a resident of Virginia, America said that she eat dirt and rocks began 20 years ago. The woman who is a mother of two children, suffered from a disorder that makes eating non-food items to enjoy. She says, “I have taken the taste of stone from the ground and crushing them under my teeth I enjoy. I’m crushed rocks easily in my mouth. I am sure that I am reassured when I rock the house, it is enough to know that I am the stone house.

Mrs. Teresa Widener taste enjoyed sitting on the rock dust and rocks do not get why most of the time. Mrs. Widener also says that these stones in addition to having a pleasant taste in the treatment of iron deficiency will help him. So they crushed with a hammer and a container which is used to hold the tablet store.

Therapist and social worker, believes that her behavior is unusual because the patients can eat anything “they may move to toilet paper, textiles, carpets, paper, wood, iron and additional things go and eat none the object is not far-fetched.

Her doctor said that eating dirt and rocks do not contribute to the health of the people continue “These objects can cause infection in the body of the people, or even rupture of the tissues and cause internal bleeding.”

A man age 10 Hindi to eat mud and rocks, “Addicted”, and despite repeated urging residents to leave the village in India strange addiction, she emphasizes that “I can stop meals, but eat bricks and flowers, no!”

The girl who stunned everyone with her limbs!

The 23-year-old girl was the first female bodybuilding world body’s fully trained and introduce herself. Women usually choose to exercise them more shapely and feminine appearance, they also have a 23-year-old girl but different does not change the behavior of many women.

Natalia is a professional athlete that is busy about 9 years of professional sports and bodybuilding and powerlifting. The Russian girl began at age 14 when weighed only 40 kg organs such as the power sport and now has earned a strong man.

In recent decades the world, much of the credit model (or models) are extremely high and it’s gone to a place other professionals have already bee. These professionals are highly popular model with fame and money in the credit and income of millions of dollars a year on advertising and jackets are vowel.

In recent years it has also been considered in the profession and many fans are looking to enter the world of professional modeling. This despite the fact that there is no comprehensive definition of credible modeling. No one is simply good-looking mannequin figure and certain standards must be in different contexts.

One model is the model of art, fashion or advertising with a special gesture mode and displays. Modeling of other perform and publicly display such as acting, dance and pantomime is distinct, although the boundaries between them are not completely understood. Usually appearing in movies or regardless of the nature of the function cannot be regarded as modeling.

However, since the models generally show their photos to show your emotion, a lot of them know their players. The World Cup was the most beautiful girl viewer of this story is that 17-year-old Belgian girl, named Axelle Despiegelaere, while cheering Belgium, the subject was a photographer.

The girl who was pregnant at age five!

Five-year-old girl on the slopes of the Andes, 76 years ago in the wake of an abnormal bulge in her belly stomach and thinking that the tumor is taken to the hospital by her mother.

This little girl that “Lina Medina” was called, was undergoing medical examinations and identified she was not a kid tumor 7. 5 months on her belly. No wonder the hospital and work to the point where police arrested the father of raping the girl, but soon realized the innocence of her father.

Lina Medina and the girl became pregnant instead of dolls she played with real son. The child went to 10-year-old Gerardo child told her that he plays with his mother.

Gerardo died of cancer at age 40 on the 38-year-old Lina Medina married and have children, but the miracle of nature on her right led to a new finding in medicine.

Labor practice that should always be some parity in the world where a sterile and cold due to their differences are headlines, Such as:

When a woman is a person who labor maternity frustrate she was forced to give birth in the street while around her were tent.

She hurried to her son tried a lot of people around the world. The woman who is said to be single and lonely and no accompaniment.

While the two women with veil on the streets of Birmingham, who were all smiling waiting ambulance. When she took him up shop labor camp, and the seller immediately surrounded her that were several pieces to women in childbirth remain calm.

When the ambulance arrived the child was born. Mother was carried on a stretcher into the ambulance and was taken to the new baby. One witness said when I went to the store I saw a lot of people have gathered around a woman. At first I thought I saw a woman theatrics street, but when I went closer to her had been delivered.

The Highest Number of Marriages in the World: Linda Lou Taylor Wolfe with 23 Marriages!

Many times we hear news about the low marriage, And that for some women in some parts of the world, marriage is very difficult. Because they cannot find a partner for life. News like that in some countries, girls marry with animals or objects. But on the other side are those who, due to the number of their marriages, their name write in in the Guinness Record.

An American woman named “Linda Taylor” has married 23 times. She has been married for twenty-three times, and are now looking for a new case for the twenty-fourth time and this is so fantastic. Mrs. Wolfe, who is 68 years old, has his name in the Guinness Book record. She says she is addicted to marriage and she love it.

She was first married at age 16, in 1957, with a 31-year-old man named “George Scott,” that it keep on 7 years at that time. Linda says that this time, she has the longest and happiest marriage and it was the best of all. In her later years, she married with a guilty one eye, a plumber, a musician and a preacher. Two husbands were bad people and two of them were homeless and very poor. Mrs. Wolfe, just married three times with a Hindi man named “Jack Jurly”.

Although she is married 23 times but still believes that the most beautiful and best-loved of his marriage belong to her first marriage. Linda Taylor still tends to get married and wants to find a new partner for the rest of her life or maybe even these 23 times until the end of her life be more and more. She is now the mother of seven children and the children’s stepmother of more than these seven children. We know that this happening was not very gracious but she love it!