Strange haircut of Qale Noie’s son: Houtan Qale Noie

Ardeshir Qale Noie, son of Mohammad, (Date of Birth: 1963) known as the Amir Qale Noie. He was born in a large family. 7 sisters and brothers. His father has a “Volvo” car and worked with his extended family living expenses funded, but almost normal days it did not last long. Artaxerxes was 7 years old when his father died has been reported.

On the age of thirteen he began to work with him and did not forget football. Winter of 1988 he returned to Tehran Esteghlal in Tehran and after this time, he was wearing a blue shirt and meeting the contract table.

Amir’s first game as an independent player on March 9, 1989 vs Persepolis figure. The game was held in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and penalty was taken to his home and Amir lost it. The creative player until the end of her acting only 19 games in the National Registry records that happened 18 minutes after it occurred at age 30.

Nasser Amir Ebrahimi first time in 1990 was invited to national team “B”. In May of 1990 he traveled to China with the national team and the tone was a first team shirt. But never again until 1993 was called to the national team visit to Iran – Bosnia Herzegovina and Ali Parvin was the head coach.

A new national record goal scorer can be seen in Kuwait. In 19 he suffered a severe injury. Qale Noie experienced serious injury twice the time and it was in 19. After winning independence from Tehran to Qale Noie in 2005, and the national team’s poor results in the 2006 World Cup New requirements for Qale Noie provided.

Eventually, he was elected as a head coach and technical manager positions simultaneously rotating and head of Tehran’s Esteghlal worked. Qale Noie young boy’s has seen great interest. He occasionally publish some pictures of your social networks to make headlines. Houtan Qale Noie usually know him by his luxury car at the latest photos in a social network has released a video while driving.

Strange marriage of a couple after 42 years Nomination: Mr. and Mrs. Barker

Strangely, even after 42 years of marriage, engagement, Mr. and Mrs. Barker met in 1972 with this 4 weeks later, a friend of Mr. Barker said of her husband. And yes, but they waited 42 years to get the marriage altar.

The couple do not cause as they rush to register their marriage. They say they were satisfied with this kind of life, but because of all Heart Mrs. Barker’s wedding last year they finally decided to set up. The event coincided with the birth of her daughter 82 years.

He has two children from his first marriage and her second wife, not a child. She says she is very happy that marries the man of her dreams. Mr Barker said, always looking for an opportunity to organize an event, but his illness caused him to stop procrastinating and be officially groom. The maximum record length of engagement in Asia for a couple of Palestine.

Nomination for the longest time after the establishment of a Palestinian couple’s engagement ceremony, Palestinian man detained by Israel and went to prison for eighteen years. According to the Palestinian Information Center, groom, after nomination by Israeli troops arrested and imprisoned for 18 years and has spent the regime in exchange of Palestinian prisoners were released by the Israeli military. And in a lavish ceremony that was held in one of the largest hotels in the Gaza Strip established formal weddings.

The Islamic wedding celebration evening of Friday, 10/28/2011 extensive partnership with the people of Gaza and the released prisoners were held and a number of journalists and officials. Friends of the captives free, carried him on their shoulders and thus void where his family were present He was full of songs for voice and everywhere was covered.

The liberal candidate for a moment not lost hope and loyalty to his wife and life became the dominant model To the Lord after the exchange of prisoners on 10/18/2011 sweet moments for him and marked his wedding with his loving wife held

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi biography

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi TV and cinema actor born in 1360. She first rose to fame with her role in the television series that its name was Narges, then she alleged a bad video aired. Her life graduated in drama and theater. Cinema work with short film began in 1378 as a line.

She also actives in photography. She continued her career in 1384 and has two photographic exhibition staged as seen in the first and second view (photos to social issues).

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi in was in an erotic film in 1385 and it was assignment involved herself. These films are reserved for young girls and a boy pulled into the picture. The wide distribution of these films over the Internet and CDs.

She emphasized that even after I threatened to leave him moving my head that I can hold my head high in the community and do not have a place in radio and television. I think with the movie is fake fulfill their threats.

After appearing in several films by directors such as Ebrahim Hatami-Kia, Behrouz in the 1998 film “Two Women” by the American election game. She played in the film, the actor proved next election became a film and video work “Reaction” continued. She was the fifth time for the film “Two Women” and was nominated for the Crystal Simorgh Film Festival Award for Best Actress for this film festival took Taormina Italy.

Sydney Film Festival to celebrate the Persian Iranian star and works of filmmakers such as Asghar Farhadi, Abbas Kiarostami, B. Beyzaie, Amir Naderi, Rakhshan Bani Etemad, Mehrjui, Majid Majidi, election was held. Persian Language Film Festival “Sydney” was held in Australia. The festival is separate from the main part of the festival, a tribute for her (to show the film final whistle and a night) and was held over fifty film from Iran.

Strange marriage of an 85-year-old woman: Alfonso Díez Carabantes

Spanish 85-year-old millionaire woman who was married six months ago to a man 61 years old. Now, after six months, it seems that both of their lives are very satisfied and went to lunch together at a restaurant in Paris.

The 85-year-old millionaire strange hands with his wife of 24 years less than in the streets of Paris and began to walk. It is interesting to know that she is a millionaire than away with Winston Churchill and Princess Diana and despite the opposition of his children with his current wife, married in August it was announced that he divided his inheritance between 6 children. Suitor she wants to prove to himself and not to property.

Alfonso Díez Carabantes, one of the richest women in Spain at the age of 88 and died at his home following an illness.

She is the head of a prominent family in Spain for three years and married for the third time. Last husband Alfonso Díez Carabantes, an ordinary citizen, 24 years younger than she was.

Before her marriage to him to prove that their marriage was not for the money, gave all her wealth to six children. All her children from her first husband, who died in 1972.

Her second marriage in 1987 and was a priest in 2001. Their marriage ended with the death of the priest. She was married three times and widowed twice, on 16 November, was hospitalized for pneumonia disease. According to The Telegraph, she was a world record in terms of aristocratic titles. Such as the Duchess of her 7 times, 19 times as the Countess had received the title of Marquis.

She insists her family before her last marriage gave much of her wealth to her children. However, she is one the most people in the world.

Strange marriage of a woman and her son: Stephanie Seymour & Peter Brant jr

She says her son was aware of, and during walks on the beach, she decided to make her a hug and her love of musicals like My husband and I agreed, however, we have not had and will not have s*x and I wonder though marriage is not possible, but some people are opposed. We now have a pure life and love.

The woman and her son claim that deeply in love with each other. She lost her husband 12 years ago and she lives with her son.

This confirmed her relationship with the woman says, according to the custom to marry the younger brother, but my marriage to my wife fell to her child in the womb I prefer. She told the court that her son affair for three years and spent a lot of money to be able to legally marry him.

A 30-year-old Hindi woman after she fell in love with a cobra snake in, Hindi bride to marry. This is called “rational” said despite the fact that snakes do not speak or understand, but we have a unique understanding together. She immediately put the milk for him to drink whenever the hill.

A strange story that involved all the world’s media and a lot of criticism in the wake of it, including the protection of animals. Of course, these events usually occur in third world countries and it has become commonplace marriage and behaviors.

The news of a girl named Bimbala Das Hindi passion for snake cobra snake took the decision to marry to this snake and 2,000 people participated in the ceremony of wedding of the couple.

She said that whenever he immediately put the milk to drink from a hillside, where lived out. The snake did not bite me. 2,000 people attended the wedding of the couple, because Indians believe in such marriages can bring luck to their village of.