Medley on a southern beaches in Iran!

A photographer from Lithuania Iran has released images of the island near which, he said, where girls and boys can swim and enjoy the moments of freedom. They can dance, are bare, listen to music, dance and swim together.

In another case people in Ladan Boulevard, Mashhad early Sunday morning faced with the strange scene. They saw a young woman with very poor coverage, and while her behavior seemed unnormal was walking. To report to the police, police officers and social emergency team immediately went into action, and the woman was arrested. 27-year-old female officers for the coordination of social emergency technicians to study the pathology of 123 handed in his place.

A woman who was not identified, in the town of Golestan, warned by the police because the she was improperly dressed. A few minutes later she stripped off her clothes in the street and began to run. It is believed that excessive consumption of glass caused by women is such an ugly act.

Here we have the same case about a famous musician. Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur is internationally renowned American. She was born in August 16, 1958, in Michigan and currently residing in London. Madonna won a Golden Globe award for the film Evita.

According to “International Federation of phenotypic graphics industry” has sold 300 million albums worldwide and Madonna reached the high rate of selling. Recording to Industry Association of America and her works are among the best-selling “Rock Female Artist” in the twentieth century. Guinness World Records as the most successful female artist has introduced her.

Madonna’s first album called «Madonna» presented in 1983. She is 20 years old with 35 dollars from Michigan to New York. In 2010, her fortune was estimated at more than a billion dollars. According to Forbes magazine, economy, Madonna topped the list of high-efficient prominent figures in the world of art and entertainment were in 2012.

Mehdi Pakdel Biography

Known as one of future stars Mehdi Pakdel is an Iranian actor who has got a very promising future. He started his career in the year 1973 and is still one of the leading actors in Iranian films.

Bio Biography

Mehdi Pakdel was married to Behnoosh Tabatabayi on 1st July 1980. He is born in a big family of 8 siblings. He is the eldest in the family. His brother Masoud Pakdel is the photographer in the movie industry. Mehdi Pakdel was living in the Middle East.


He has acted in many series and movies. He has acted in many films like blue, the fish falls in love and many more films. These films have given him new platforms in his career. The story lines of films and way he acted in these gave him new hope in his career. Taking about the film free way which is one of hit films the character he played is very intense. It touched the heart of the film viewers and critics who watched them. In the movie The Fish falls in Love he played a very touchy role. The summary of the movie is like this. Following 22 years, Aziz chooses to come back to the place where he grew up, to offer some family belonging, including the house where he was conceived. In any case for his surprise, the spot is currently a little restaurant, run by four ladies, one of them a young lady whom he once dated. Attieh, the young lady, tries to persuade him not to offer the spot by, as opposed to letting him know a story a day as Sheherazade, cooking him a delightful dish consistently.

In the Without permission he played the role of Aamir. His last film is Muhammad which is scheduled to be released in the 2015. He also aspires to become one of the celebrity actors in near future.

You shouldn’t miss this relaxing places: The Most Relaxing Places World


Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian Islands series, and unlike other islands, luxurious accommodations and no crowded beaches. So actually what the island has to offer? Pristine beaches and untouched nature. Here is the perfect place for those travelers who want to just relax and stay away from the commotion of the usual holiday. On the island, there are only two of the highway and had to visit the most spectacular parts of the hike. In fact, this is the reward of those who seek a full day at the heart of nature, had to be abandoned.

Lowe Vanva Island (Vanua Levu), Fiji

One of the most relaxing places in the world known as Fiji, especially the island’s second largest island of Fiji. But has the advantage that the island is ideal for travelers tired, feeling that they bring comfort and isolation. Travelers can lay on the beach all day, or perhaps visit the mountainous territory reef diving among them. The resort, the diving experience than usual is also known as the locals call it “Paradise Lost”.


If you’re in search of a concentration suitable for rest and recreation, why not put some in Jamaica? For lovers of peace, a place better than this country. Guests can camp out on the beaches, the parties held on the beach at night and accompanied by Jamaican Happy songs, or participate in the Blue Mountains travel. Since in this area there are good climatic conditions, activities that are performed in the open air, such as walking or water sports experience for the first time, will be more enjoyable. Also in this area resorts have different prices for every budget. So what is a low budget or plan to have a rest in a 5 star hotel, Jamaica welcomes you with open face.


Woman masterful technique and experience deep relaxation can be achieved only in this part of the world. Here is the ultimate destination for those who want to learn “Zen”. particular school of thought that advocates the Buddha of the seventh century AD ever follow it, so we can expect to have a relaxed and friendly place. In addition, passengers can be settled in the mountains or socialize with local people to become familiar with the culture of the people better. Many tourists do not visit this area, so it is away from the commotion and the crowd and enjoy the holidays.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island belonging to French Polynesian Islands of the Pacific Ocean and located near Australia. Since setting up as a tourist destination by far, the most famous stars who have fled there to escape reporters, camera flash. Here is a place for people who want a peaceful vacation away from the bustle of city life are accelerated. In addition to the clear waters, activities such as camping and hiking are also other reasons for the attractiveness of the island. While lying on the beach all day, alone is good entertainment.

Virgin Islands, Great Britain

Virgin Islands of the Caribbean experience can complete the experiences. The islands guests can use a variety of creative activities with them and enjoy swimming and diving in the clear waters. Travelers visiting the Archeological remains of St. Philip’s Church on the island of Tortola (Tortola) is located, informative tour of the area’s rich history and culture will be.


This place is the most favorite tourist destination for the people who come from all corners of the world. Venice still remains the most beautiful city in the world. It is situated in marshy Vatican Lagoon which gives the city a very unique charm. The lagoon stretching along the shore line gives a different kind of view to the whole city. This city is a world heritage site.  The buildings and architecture of the city gives a historical feeling to the city. It is one of the romantic cities of the town. The city is a centre of spice, silk and grain business.  People and tourist are always engrossed with art and culture in the city. Opera music has a huge popularity in this city.


With some beautiful monuments beside the Seine river, Paris attracts thousands of travelers every year. The city is sophisticated and elegant.  Walled Cathedral gives a historical city a touch of class. The Eiffel tower, Louvre museum will give very good memory and you will feel nostalgic. This city has got the taste of wearing fashionable clothes and boutiques range in the world. People often come to do shopping in this part of world.


This is another city which does not have the fame of the other two. But it has got its own beauty. Tourist comes to see monuments, buildings and museums architectures are based on Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance eras styles. Prague still remains the most visited and the most voted beautiful in the world.


Mehran Modiri – The Cinema Legend

If you’re looking into a person that is extremely prolific as an actor, television director, as well as a comedian and musician, then you need not look further than Mehran Modiri. This is one of the most enigmatic persons that you’ll be able to find in Iran, and happens to contribute a lot to the media market in this particular country. Since the early 1990s, he has been actively writing skills, and participating in a variety of comedy skits in the national television only to enhance his name as one of the most enigmatic and prolific persons in this particular industry.

What is actually got out that he would be able to continue appearing in television commercials as well as a lot of television serials. Which is why, he is of the most coveted actors that you will be able to find in this particular part of the world. He has also starred in a variety of full-length films, and happens to be working in a lot of movies in the film industry. When you look into the different kinds of projects that he has been able to undertake, you would find that he has definitely been one of those people that would be able to influence and dominate the power in Iran itself.

As in the year of 2009, Mehran Modiri was named by the Newsweek magazine as one of the most influential people in Iran that will be able to take the country to new heights. So, you do get to realise the amount of influence that this person has on the overall public discourse, and the way in which he would actually be able to bring about a lot of change in the overwhelming aspects of the particular film industry. This can actually bring about a lot of change in the power of the country.

Mimi Rogers full body massage: Nak*d Yoga Classes

A yoga studio in New York, complex programs and nak*d “Vanessa” to promote the concept of flexibility has held that the purpose of the shame of their body aside.

The intersection and quoting “Daily-Mail”, the classes in the studio “bold and nak*d” in the “Chelsea” will be held, is a new way for reconciliation with their students, with an emphasis on avoiding any sexual excitement.

“Vanessa Kennedy”, a participant in this class to Reuters, said: “Yoga classes focus too much on the type and brand of yoga clothes or the body what it finds in these clothes. But when you’re nak*d, it seems that all of us are the same. ”

Studio classes will be posted in its website: “The majority of people linked nudity with sex, while being comfortable with your body and target classes, we are confident of it. Nude Workout Yoga, you have negative feelings towards you leave your body and your world will help you in your acceptance. ”

The classes are held in two separate mixed and studio classes dressed it also provides gamers. At the same time, according to the instructions nak*d courses, allowing students to classes with no shooting or login before entering the class also have the responsibility to take part in it.

In particular, capital letters addressed to students in the class website reads: “If you are looking for sexual pleasure, regardless of your class!”

Nak*d yoga since the 1960s, as part of the “hippie”, are increasingly popular in America. In 1975, a short documentary called “Nak*d Yoga”, was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary short.

Nude yoga method, which in Sanskrit is called “Nagna Yoga” is said to have its roots in ancient times and still it will be discussed by religious figures in India.