Interesting revenge of Chinese man!

Chinese man who, because of a conflict with a colleague who was a woman sentenced after trial to pay a fine of 10 thousand yuan, equivalent to 6 million USD to the woman who was incredibly funny to do for revenge.

A Chinese man who killed his partner in a restaurant that was a woman, had been severely beaten and he was later sentenced to pay a fine of 10 thousand yuan trial of 6 million USD to the women.

The bank was forced to count the money in the hands of 18 people for 8 hours to be able to count money Hara.

Ting Su Twin’s 29-year-old wife after finding out his secret relationship with her twin sister, it was hands off them and take revenge. The woman with a very clever trick and tracking of mobile phones have a husband and her sister and both of them by surprise during a messy relationship with a naked body way street. Revenge controversial woman in revenge turned her into a genius.

Here we have the same case about cheating, being informed of his wife’s infidelity news is shocking and devastating emotional terms. This event can also be exported to the world for couples. Intense feelings of anger, rejection, abandoned, and many other negative emotions such consequences that the vast majority of the party who betrayed reflected.

The couple may decide having a good mutual betrayal punish her in hopes that she will be able to gain back. But it’s important to know that it’s time to pay the remaining amount can only be eliminated possible chance of a relationship.

Target of retaliation by mutual infidelity, settle down with a wife traitor. In this case, the dominant motive is seen even betray behavior that create a sense of bitter victim’s wife.

Many people hope that after learning this lesson to his wife able to resume their old relationship. But what happens in the majority of cases the opposite is expected after revenge.

Iranian Actor: Behnoosh Bakhtiari

Behnoosh Bakhtiari is mostly known for her roles in Mehran Modiri’s sitcoms, particularly her hilarious portrayal of Leiloon in Shabhaye Barareh.


The show is situated in the anecdotal town of Barareh in the 1930s in Iran, amid the rule of Reza Shah Pahlavi, whose picture can be seen on the set. The town individuals have their Persian vernacular which cleverly alters the dialect. Notwithstanding this, the Barareans likewise have notable traditions and customs which on occasion are funny, for example, their strategy for consuming chick peas—by slapping individual peas from palm into mouth. The town of Barareh is accepted by numerous be a microcosm of Iran itself. The town is part along the lines of Upper and Lower Barareh, which professedly imitates the contrast between the classes in current Iran. Occasions in the town, for example, football (“darbid”) matches, town gathering decisions and marriage all likewise nearly reflect today’s Iran.

The show stars Mehran Modiri, as Shir Farhad, the child of Lower Barareh’s khan, or pioneer. He exists with his sister, Saharnaz; mother, Shadoneh; and father, Salar Khan. The show starts when a writer, Kiyanoosh, from Tehran is captured for composing an article reprimanding the administration, breaks catch, and after that is instantly chomped by a snake. Shir Farhad discovers him caved in and brings him to the town of Barareh, sustains him to wellbeing, and bit by bit acquaints him with the town and alternate characters in the show, for example, the groups of Upper and Lower Barareh’s Khans, and in addition the colorful town writer, Bagoori, and town specialist. Later in the arrangement, new characters, for example, the town gendarme and Upper Barareh’s Khan’s child and little girl, Keivoon and Leiloon, join the cast. Davooneh doesn’t show up in this time

The character Leiloon was liked by all and Benhoosh became popular by this.

Iranian actor Mohammad Reza Golzar

Mohammad Reza Golzar born on March 21 1997 is a well known Iranian actor who gave successful Block Bluster like Shaam-e AkharZahr-e Asal, and Boutique.

This multitalented actor graduated as a mechanical engineer from Azad university .After completion of this graduation he turned his interest to artistic fields.

Before turning out as an outstanding actor, Mohammad Reza Golzar achieved dignity as guitarist of the Iranian and Arian music band. Later in year 2000, he enacted for Sam and Narges by director Iraj Ghaderi.

He acquired great media attention when it was uncovered that he was waged   £55,000 for 3 days work as shooting Democracy in Bright Daylight in 2009, a pretty high fee given the per capita income of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Golzar was captain of volleyball team of artists from 2004 to 2008 who played for charity tournaments.

After a distinctive journey from mechanical engineer to guitarist to an actor, he even modeled for companies like Shyravran, Aykat  and Tee-Top.

As all engineers know there actual interest after completion of engineering so did Mohammad Reza Golzar. Every engineer is as keen as mustard and so is he which is well illustrated from his life journey from a geek engineer to guitarist to model to actor and which is still commencing for something new and artistic.

Iranian doctor that has made his wife a dream girl: Reza Vosuq

One of the most prominent medical doctor Reza Vosuq lives in Germany. The Pars cute woman is 48 years old and her 33-year-old meets their interest and decided to marry. The two married together, but there was a problem. The doctor was not satisfied with the appearance of his wife, so he decides his dream woman, himself!

8 surgeries on her beautiful face and body, she did until her husband comes in the form desired. 1600 in 5 grams of silicon in the body of her husband. Also changed her lips and eye lines.

This was not what the doctor very low cost and 32.500 dollars have on hand. However, this amount is for him a lot because he is attending the annual 1200 medical clinic there. Finally Reza authority feels that the girl dreams of getting married.

Although plastic surgery is mainly concerned with shaping the functional aspects are also important. For example, to move the muscles of facial paralysis or unmoved finger to move or cover open fractures of the lower limb and repair of soft tissue defect and allowed the patient to be able to get moving again.

Plastic surgery before the start of the century, was mainly to repair a congenital disease, and traumatic injury. Most cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are not separated because beauty are also comes with cosmetic surgery corrects malfunctions. For example, to correct drooping eyelids that cause severe skin, eye correction.

Plastic term comes from the Greek word “Plastikus” means the shape. Doctors believe that about 600 years before Christ, a Greek surgeon, “Haniyeh” operate the nose of one of his patients using his cheek.

A thousand years after the birth of Christ, surgeons, have been used skin and other organs for surgery of the nose to the forehead. But, like most surgeries, plastic surgery advances in the last century which returns for this type of surgery was different methodologies and approaches.

Iranian girl, the second most beautiful Miss Universe: Bahareh Letnes

Iranian girl was the second most beautiful Miss Universe. Bahareh Letnes in the Miss Universe pageant in competition with the title “Miss Top of the World” in 2013 won the second place, she decided to attend the matches of this title for Iran. Bahareh Letnes’ life is colorful.

When she was 13 years old, she moved to Norway lonely. She said Norway’s government says that they will not let her live alone as a girl of 13 years who is a refugee is hard to live alone. That’s why a Norwegian family adopted her and she has been living in the same household.

She says, “I like my Norwegian father and mother and my father loves me. Norwegian father loved me so much that my last name is “Letnes” and that is why I changed my last name. Bahareh Letnes says about how to enter the Miss World event: “My childhood was very interested in the model or actor in the family, but I always thought that being a model or actor in my family’s honor is so bad, or it take down their honor thoughts. I wish I would have tried to forget. Until I came to Norway. ”

She says about “Miss Top of the World” competition which was held in 2013 in Latvia: “About ten days we were there with the pleasant girl from other countries and race with them.” And she says last year for various reasons secretly in competition “Miss Top of the World”.

She also says: “I was so alone in the competition. First, as I said this in the past did not have a good mentality in my Iranian family, so I did not know what people think about the girl that model. That’s why I secretly took part in the event. Girls who had come all the matches were very popular in their own country and their journalists had come to this race. ”