Funny soccer celebration of two players of Al Ittihad football club!

Some football players of Perspolice with a terrible and unprecedented movements, disgraceful stain added to the pages of the history of football. Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Federation of Football’s dealing with violators.
The Federation of Football said: Sorry scenes of joy in all three goals scored Players Club, players control the ugly things that we see pictures of the scene was embarrassing. The severity of the disciplinary committee to investigate these incidents and offenders severely dealt with.

Unfortunately the scenes photographed, but the ability to print in newspapers and internet media state because of ugly, but in cyberspace and unofficial photos and video feedback and reflects very badly on football Iran. In addition, the ugly scenes of violence that occurred at the end of the game we handle it.
Chairman of the committee said, we are looking forward to the scenes videos and photos and it is necessary to rule on this issue and it will not come about. Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee in an interview with sports reporter for viciously 2 Players Club after the goal first and second opposing team Damaash said: I have not seen the film, but in the “out of the pit,” I saw what was happening bitter defiance”. Of course, at first did not notice and some friends of the scene described.

A repeat of the events on the website of one of Saudi Arabia’s Cup tournament. Al Ittihad players had the worst happiness with their teammates. Mohammed Abushaban was one of these players.
The competition was held in Saudi Arabia Cup, a strange scene occurred that could lead to a denial to the perpetrators. The site’s team scored a controversial move players with joy Ittihad Club to compare damaash. It was so funny and embarrassing for football anyway.

Getting fired because of Big Limbs and Breast: Lauren Odes with big breast!

At some sites media a news reported that have earned surprise and anger of many people, especially women. This happening has been the widespread and increasing in recent years. As in previous cases that filled the pages of the Internet, it has been repeated that she be fired because of her looks and her appearance. Mrs. Lauren Odes also been fired for having big breasts. She was a former employee of a lingerie manufacturer in strange and unprecedented action by the employer was fired because of her breast enlargement.

Lauren Odes, 29 years old, said when they told me I should be fired because of my big breasts, I was shocked. The Manhattan US woman who told reporters that her manager offered her shrink her breasts to find a better job and she believes that this is very stupid and unfair that others are judged for their breast size or large limbs.

It was such incidents also occurred previously disputed such as a female employee of Citibank in August last year was dismissed from her work because of her much beauty. The staff is always well-dressed and elegant appearance, but officials claimed that her appearance constantly distract them from work and bad comments about her appearance and it was too bad for to hear these bad words.

She is so confused about it and she wants to get back her rights. Odes said her manager’ uncanny about her heavy chest reached a fever when she went to work and when she wearing a tight black or white dress with a plunging V-shaped back that exposed her bra strap and stockings. So she can’t have a good job now. She loved her job and she likes her working on that company but this factor set her back and she is so unhappy and unsatisfied.

World’s oldest mother

It’s astonishing. She has entered the Guinness book of work for giving birth to a child at the age of 72. She stills looks very charming and mention not Andrana Iliescu at this age looks more like her 5 year old daughter.

Despite the fact that she looks somewhat vigorously lined and with colored dark hair, even she — who in January 2005 turned into the world’s then most seasoned mother — concedes she looks each one of her years, if not more.

She doesn’t take a gander at that reflect, in light of the fact that she don’t delight in it, says Adriana, an essayist and low maintenance college speaker in Romanian writing, who lives with Eliza in a two-room level in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. ‘The mirror is unkind to ladies, however in the event that we are discussing my vitality then I feel like a young person. I have a feeling that I’m 27 and when I feel some more tired, I feel like I’m 37. I am healthier than ladies more than a large portion of my age.

‘Individuals think they are generally clever when they call me granny, however I didn’t have Eliza to make me look more youthful. I never feel my years.’

Could this be the reason, in what should without a doubt be a ­triumph of disposition over age, Adriana is presently opposing all her pundits by discussing the ­possibility of having an alternate tyke?

‘Restoratively, its conceivable,’ she says. ‘I ­understand there are trials happening with a 70-year-old lady in England, so it might be possible. I am fine and sound and I think it would be conceivable to have an alternate tyke later on, however I’m not in a surge right now.’

Not in a surge? She’s 72! What amount of time does she think she has? Just imagine when people is retiring from life she is getting younger.

Getting pregnant by a student : Renata Juras

A son after he was in love with his teacher liaisons with her and then got married. The boy’s 43-year-old teacher and 13 years old boy and satisfied that marry her. A female teacher who promises grade students to interact with illicit s*x he was arrested! “Summer Hansen” middle school teacher in relationship with the abuse and s*xual assault was arrested in identity in a ceremony commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Institute of tips from other managers and school officials revealed.

A statement was made on Tuesday at the office “Summer Hansen” After several complaints from parents of students with a judicial verdict on charges of assault and s*xual abuse of his students, who were minors, were arrested.

According to the report in the celebration, which was attended by officials of the school and vice training, while appreciating the teacher’s desk as a “model teacher” identity “Summer Hansen” was revealed as more teachers. Once called “Summer Hansen” for example as a teacher “award” Read, families objected to her sentence s*x offenders were addressed.

Humans are social creatures and must apply the law to the community and help control their behavior. Violation of these rules not only to oneself but also harm the population that these errors definitely have to be answered by the community conflict. Some of these violations are special forms that rarely happens in the world.

Summer Hansen lawyer’s efforts to show his client was innocent, aborted and finally arrested her temporarily banned from the educational environment. She then chose her victims to receive promised grade. During the three-day police investigation numerous victims under the age of 18 years have been identified. She is also the 2012 and 2013, two counts of s*xual offenses with students in the classroom is evident.

Such events in the news quickly spread, especially in virtual worlds and social networks. People with reactions and criticisms are certainly some of the events and scenes of violations reported that people around the world to see and judge such actions.

Girls bre*st ironing to avoid provoking men!

Girls bre*st ironing to prevent the spread of se*ually stimulating men as well as for the lack done in Cameroon. Recently, an NGO, has launched a campaign against female bre*st ironing tradition and German organization GTZ to help developing countries contribute to sustainable development, the fight began in a international campaign against bre*st ironing Girls it is in Africa.

The female genital mutilation every year in rural areas and among tribes in Kenya done. Statistics indicate that one in four women have been circumcised Kenyans. Due to the ban on female genital mutilation is still some tribes doing it for a long tradition. The area of ​​the penis circumcision cut the clitoris is the woman who cut their womanhood destroyed the life of a woman is deprived of se*ual pleasure.

This method is the most painful and most dangerous form of FGM is considered, is highly prevalent in Africa, known as “pharaonic circumcision” is.

What is female genital mutilation? The first mode is limited to cutting off the clitoris. The other addition to the clitoris, labia minora Klban or genitals (Labia Minor) are also cut. The third type is the worst form of female circumcision. In this model, both the clitoris and the labia minora Klban or cut and Mlban or large lips (Labia Major) sew them. Then it creates small openings near the urethra and cervix.

The place opens sewn childbirth and postpartum sew it again. Due to the high birth rate in Africa, “the Pharaoh” for women is in fact a “torture” is. The wedding night, which for the women’s first s*xual contact, and of suffering violence and torture.

When the bride leaves her family cry to show that her family does not want to leave. At the wedding the bride and groom bow to the parents and family members. More interesting is that after the wedding ceremony in the evening guests with fanfare and fun staff with the bride and groom joke.