Arab woman driving protest

Feminist activists in Saudi Arabia, despite officials warning the country not to publish photos of women driving in the streets of this country have been on the Internet. This action seeks to recall “campaign the driver Mom” to cancel the ban on women driving. Driving is prohibited in Iran for mom and her mom encourage better to protest nak*d and do not drive. Long live the Iranian feminist movement and feminist.

Attack of a nak*d Ukrainian feminists to Putin that Putin’s reaction was mesh. It was a reason to write an article about “N*dity”. Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur is internationally renowned American.

She was born in August 16, 1958, in Michigan and currently residing in London. Madonna won a Golden Globe award for the film Evita. According to “International Federation of phenotypic graphics industry” has sold 300 million albums worldwide and Madonna reached the high rate of selling.

Recording to Industry Association of America and her works are among the best-selling “Rock Female Artist” in the twentieth century. Guinness World Records as the most successful female artist has introduced her.

Hundreds of Brazilian women in the international movement “parade rep” (Slut Walk) in the city of São Paulo, the country took to the streets calling for the legalization of abortion in Latin America. The rally, which was held on Saturday, demonstrators wore little clothing, and some of them (t*pless) respectively.

They also held banners that read, “Illegal abortion equals murder of gender.” In Brazil, abortion only in terms of aggression, mental disorders, or when the mother’s life is in danger, is legal. In contrast, networks of illegal abortion in this country is that for every action, the amount of 3100 dollars.

However, a number of other Latin American countries such as Chile which, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, abortion completely illegal. According to the “World Health Organization”, 95% of abortions conducted in Latin America between 1995 and 2008, were dangerous.

What kind of problems do Busty Girls have?

Breast and chest size men have the sexual stimulation and has many references in the literature to them. Typically one of the areas are the breast Shhvtza because the sensory nerves that density in the breast is high and therefore many messages the brain sends to touch this area.

These glands are affected by chemical changes in the body so that cells the glands level, affected by three key hormone for women is estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin are and in women who can become pregnant by age these glands months stimulated, are large and filled with fluid and this makes it hard when many women feel in their breasts.

Sometimes bre*st pain and tenderness, breast mass in a sense, that three or four days before menstruation begins. When menstruation begins the hormonal stimulation will stop. In a healthy breast, a large volume of cells and liquid milk subsided and the first to return.

In another strange case, at some social media a strange news reported that make many people surprised and make them angry especially women. This issue has been spreading in many society. It has been happened because of looks and appearance of a woman.

Mrs. Lauren Odes has been fired because of having big limbs and breasts. She was an earlier employee of a factory. Surprisingly employer fired her because of her breast enlargement. This 29 years old woman, said when I heard that I should be fired because of my big limbs and breasts, I was shocked.

This woman is always well-dressed and she has perfect appearance, but her co-workers claimed that her appearance distract them from their work and they have bad comments about her appearance and it was too bad for her to hear these bad comments.

Artificial, Strange, Wonderful Chinese Women

Chinese after overtaking in the manufacture of toys, clothes, bags and shoes and even Chinese nuts, it is time to earn more money and perhaps to avoid fertility and increase its population, overtaking stole the sphere of ‘artificial woman’ from other countries. They have begun to produce synthetic men and women which can perform all actions and behavior of a real human and it is being distributed in world markets. It’s hard to imagine and this is unbelievable for people. Production of artificial woman that is similar 90% to a real woman is so strange and amazing. The artificial woman have made by China in recent months, would do anything for her owner!

These days the Chinese are more advanced than human artificial humanoid dolls, it is widely distributed. A Chinese website in an interview with the company’s humanoid doll says: Our goal is to help human society, specially the countries that young people live in the limit! According to Chinese artisans, new synthetic female dolls similar to the former has the advantage of being up to 99% like ordinary woman!

In the manufacture of the artificial woman limbs elasticity silicone material has been used. Chinese manufacturer of the product manager, says: “The woman’s body structure and details of the new synthetic computer designed, and between it and a woman is particularly distinct in the dark.”

Following this operation Kanyous that is 55 years old who lives in Great Britain can’t live with a real woman. Interestingly, when he was young, he loved shops model, but as the materials were rock hard, He decided to follow the model of the body that was more flexible. His first artificial wife was purchased at a price of $ 5000 in 2000 and the name was Rebecca, after that he took 8 more artificial women!

A Soldier on Duty with a Friend off The League – Camp X-Ray

 A film very different from the rest of the genres in American movies. This movie is an independent drama film which is based on a temporary detention of a soldier who is summoned to “The centre” known as Camp X Ray and which is located in Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

IFC Films announced that they have acquired the North American rights for the film.  The company Shooting Stars (LLC) got the rights of distribution for this film in the United Arab Emirates and it will be EDGE Entertainment that will do the distribution work of this film in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

The plot of this film revolves around a woman named Amy Cole which is played by Kristen Stewart the actress who has already accumulated enough accolades for her performance as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga series of film. Amy’s character is looking for a change in her life and in search of this change she joins the military. However things doesn’t workout for her and instead of her hopes being put in a more challenging duties in Iraq, she is rather posted as a new guard at Guantanamo Bay, where the real challenge is to deal with the hatred and abuses of the jihadists and the aggressive squad mates. The story begins when she meets this unusual character with one of the detainees in this camp, and it is the bond and the evolution in their characters which this movie depicts in this story.

The surprise factor of this movie is actually Peymaan Moaadi. Peyman is basically an Iranian actor who has been bestowed with amazing acting skills which fetched him the Silver Bear Award for Best Actor in the film A Separation, and after that he will be seen in Camp X-Ray which is his next movie in the pipeline.

The opening day for Camp X-Ray is set to be on 17th of October 2014.

A Talented and hopeful Gymnasts Grandmother!

Johanna Quaas 86-year-old retired teacher from Germany who exercise every day used to do gymnastics. Almost every day, her sports practices is on parallel bars. She currently earned 11 Senior Citizen Medal Gymnastics Germany Championships. During a break in Cottbus Challenger Cup gymnastics competition audiences was shocked and amazed.

Not only she do a full gymnastics, but also she can keep her body flat on the bars and keep her balance. She can pass and perform balance, cycling gear, and roll back well. Her performance video by has gone on YouTube on display. The video was seen more than 1.4 million times. She even hire and she is on interviews most of the time. She says that she has already do gymnastics “just for fun”. She has stopped participation regularly in the tournaments for herself because actually there is no competition in her age range. He says: “I want to give others a chance too, and I hope that they know that they can do what they do as well as they can. She spent 70 years to do it.

No entertainment is attractive enough for her. Guinness World Record for the most people old is Walter Liesner from Germany 94 years old. Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest screen parallel bars, with 343 participants in an event organized by the Turnverein Sulz (Switzerland) Switzerland won. Showing balance, strength and flexible will be the envy of one quarter of her age, Quaas typical class consists of balance forward roll, cartwheel, backward roll bars and headstand while she do it well, holding her body trained and parallel to the ground was another function.

Mrs. Quaas has been special guest on many live shows called “talk shows” in Argentina, Rome, Belgium, Romania, London and Germany. Hundreds of newspapers, only China, have released according to the German gymnastics-grandmother.