A college in London holds $ 200 Selfie teaching courses

For the first time, a college in London, registration for the has begun course “Selfie”. Normal cost of the course is $ 200 and $ 160 for seniors. According to the website “Metro”, the college “City Late” in the course “The Art of the Self Portrait” is called, promises to students’ understanding of their critical about the “shooting of” will improve “.

The organizers of the course also argue that “new photography”, during the four sessions will learn how concepts like “space”, “place” and “on” to explain, in the work of “light” and “considerable detail” another; and to Kasyshan have better relationships with their goals, create new ideas.

However, it seems that this period of serious photography enthusiasts to attract, but there is no limit to the register, and its doors are open to everyone.

Photo Selfie who self portrait photography, normally taken by a camera or camera phone. Selfie more shared photos on social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram. Studies have shown that more than 23 million get Selfie on Instagram the social network with others and 51 million people get in on their own.

This style of photography is often selfish and strange pictures were taken in front of a mirror or rotate the lens and it has many lovers. Most of these selfie photos are taken by dragging finger and rotate the lens to face and this photography method using is replaced the self-timer.

According to research at the University of Birmingham in 2013 on a substantial number of people who have share these pictures on their Facebook profile showed that they are in lower levels of social support and intimacy. The study also showed that the vast majority of people aged 18 to 24 years old and most of the pictures are selfie and this is so much.

A drastic Make up changeover of celebrities: Johnny Depp

John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II born June 9, 1963 is an American actor, film producer, and musician. He is a winner of the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor. Johnny Depp came into focus, on the 1980s acting in a television series 21 Jump Street, becoming a teen.

Depp always takes up the challenging roles in movies. He started his career with a supporting role in the movie Oliver Stone’s Platoon in 1986.

If we look at his career he has given a lot of impressive movies all with a different characters  Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, last year’s look back. Cry Baby, Dead Man, Pirates of the Caribbean etc are the movies he performed in.

If we look at every character, Johnny Depp is never recognized .One most important thing that made this characters attain a successful result was the make-up every character had.

Important role played in this success of movies and never forgotten characters is the make-up Artists .A creative mind of the Artists plays a major role. The long lasting hours of make-up session are very tirey for both actor and other crew members

But as we know nothing can be obtained without hardwork and so is this. But here make-up plays a role of a magical wand as it changes the actual face to a newer one.

It is noticed that Hollywood movies pays a lot of attention to this part to movie production. A lot of effort and work is done on understanding the main character and then deciding the perfect make-up that fits the actor well into the charcter.

While bollywood film industry has yet not given an example of Diversity in characters of a single actor through make-up art.

Though there are many examples in Hollywood .but example of Johnny Depp would turn out to be perfect.

This 51 year old handsome loved by all the young girls is a very good actor and hope his upcoming movies Pirates of Caribbean 5, Alice in Wonderland 2 etc will also portray him amazingly well through make-up.

Actors Character Makeup In Cinema

When you watch movies like the Grinch, where Jim Carrey played a wonderful part, you would get to realise that the make-up is the only part by which the character will be able to live according to the name. So, not only did this particular film get the Oscar nomination for the best make-up, but it also did provide a lot of feasibility for those character roles that would rely a lot on the make-up in order to get into the character of that particular film.

That being said, you can actually get to realise that there is an incredible change over the actor when there is a certain amount of make-up applied to their character. There are a lot of movies like Star Wars, and the mask that can actually give you feasibility on the amount of importance make-up has on the character of a person. The incredible change is definitely going to help you to understand more about what the character is going to be feeling in that particular movie, and what can actually give you a good idea on the overall essence of the character. All of these actually hold in good ground for the success of the movie.

With the incredible change that most of the characters have in the movie, it becomes worthwhile for you to look into the transformation. It is a painstaking job of the actors, to sit through the make-up, so that they can actually gain a considerable understanding on the feasibility of their life. They need to understand what seems to be the inkling of the character; they need to understand what is to be the overwhelming factor that is to be found in such kind of act. All of these are definitely go hand-in-hand with the benefits of the character.


A Dreamy, Wonderful road: Le Passage de Gois ou Gôa

Around the world there are places that attract people such as historic sites, natural places, even modern places that are made by human. This kind of places and buildings is the most spectacular places in France and annually attract many tourists there. One of the places in France, there is a combination of nature and human. Despite high rates of danger it attracts large amount of audiences.

Le.passage du gois is a wonderful place in France and it is a national monument. Probably this road is so spectacular that you will not see like it anywhere in the world. This road is 4150 meter long and people use it too low tide because of tide. That is 1 hour before and 1 hour after the tide it can be used and the rest of the day it cannot be used. However, there can be built for pedestrians to use the bridge.

In 1971, a 700-meter bridge was built for pedestrians from Noirmoutier Island and the mainland. Before this bridge, there are only two ways to reach the island. Either by boat or by bus Gois.

The road was first paving and asphalt for the first time in the sixteenth century. Today the road attracts thousands of visitors and each of these visitors come to see the unveiling of this road again.

During the day this is a strange and beautiful road to a depth of 4 meters and the tide goes underwater. Local people come there at that time for fishing or when the water level is low in the running direction, especially in the spring tide of the mass of sand is also seen and makes it more beautiful.

Every year in spring tide running competitions are held on the bridge and runners can also participate in it. This place is amazing.

Afghan wonderful girl who has become Miss England: Hammasa Kohistani

An Afghan girl born to be the first Muslim woman contest participated to represent England in the Miss Universe beauty.

Hammasa Kohistani who is eighteen years old, has reached the semifinals of the tournament. Finally crown world beauty queen (Miss World) in 2005, an Icelandic girl. Islamic Fundamentalists had threats Ms. Hammasa Kohistani to death for her participation in this Contest. Hammasa Kohistani in 1996 fled from Afghanistan with her parents via Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Dubai led to the United Kingdom. She recalled her childhood memories in the rain of bullets and bombs, respectively, and was seeking refuge.

Hammasa Kohistani’s father, after his arrival in England, opened a small restaurant and her mother started to work as a translator and she attracted the attention of fashion designers. Hammasa Kohistani was fourteen years old and was adopted as a model in the chain stores. Hammasa Kohistani can speak in six languages, including English and Russian and mother tongue speaks Farsi fluently. She helped her mother, to found a charitable institution and help Afghan women and children destitute. She also suggested to play in Indian cinema (Bollywood. She says: “There are many people from different countries, interested in the progress I have been reached since I was beyond expectations.” Furthermore, Hammasa Kohistani has competed with two daughters and other Afghans, have tried their luck in these competitions. Hammasa the beauty queen contest in England, a Muslim girl overtook another. She was also the chance of the match, but the Muslim Council of the City of Liverpool, she warned of continued competition, because the beauty queen contest participants, the steps are half-naked clothes to wear. This year the Miss World contest or beauty queen, who is now in his fifty-fifth year, 102 girls from all over the world compete in this contest. She also said she was pleased that “the making of history”, and that she was looking forward to representing England in the Miss Universe competition and she will also participate.