Ambition Ayesha Farooq has several different directions. Ayesha Farooq 26-year-old, from one of the provience in East Pakistan. She was the first and only female military pilot ready for war in Pakistan.

Ayesha Farooq Pakistani woman is one of nineteen women have been hired in the last decade as a pilot in the Air Force. Of course this is only a sample of Pakistani women are nineteen women in recent years as a member of the national defense forces in Pakistan.

In today’s society, women play an important role in economic and military participation. In recent years, the share of women in private businesses has been a growing trend. Women consistently in all countries, particularly in rural areas and developing countries working hours than men but earn less than men and are less likely than men to consider the value of their work.

Studies have shown that, overall global economy is effectively in the workplace anywhere in the world and lower income earners and women in some countries can be attributed to the low level of women’s education.

Unfortunately wage income women as men, while women have some secret things that have never been to their own account, they do not consider it, if they can pay it accrues. For example, much of the agricultural work, especially in the northern regions of Peru while working in favor of men. They have no expectation of men, and they do not get paid for this work.

Director of the Institute for Studies of women’s equality because of differences in salary between men and women and even adds some ideas as breadwinners in families of men to promote the rights of men. Because the vast majority of women work at home and have a major role in the life, is faced with less income.