A news release on the beat, r*pe, and the absence of a week he did not publish. Also said police did not prosecute assailants, and claimed nothing they can do so. Mr. Rostami the Virginian Pilot newspaper reporter two weeks ago on the way back home along with other journalists David Forrester attacked and beat and r*ped 30 young were black. Although this publication is an experienced reporter.

Yesterday Mr. O’Reilly pointed out that Fox News presenter claimed that local authorities are covering up the news because they seem to have been racially motivated attack (blacks against the whites – Iranian and American). Is a graduate of the University of Texas and previously worked in the newspaper Arizona Republic.

Note that not only the US media but the local media also mentioned in the news media do not reflect, that the news media harassment more animals than humans care or of the person is apparently they Iranian is not very important.

The news a few days ago Iranian dog named “Hope” regularly Satellite Persian-language media, especially “Voice of America” ​​is played, and even Iranian executors Facebook to advertise their dogs, but there is no Iranian reporter’s beat.

A young eighteen years old boy named Riss Johns, put a stop to his demoniac and bestiality actions after exiting a coffee shop and affraying in street, and barging into a street and dishonoring an old woman who could bearly walk or talk.

The court stated: this young boy who recently got to his eighteenth age of his life, lead his early ages of the destruction path by a vulnerable dishonoring a ninety year old woman in a street at 02:45 A.M.

Johns who was a restaurant worker, after exiting a coffee shop while he was drunk and dancing on a street, made a scared woman call the police and run away.