Kyle Jones, a young 31-year-old American from City of Augusta, Georgia 5 years with 91-year-old woman friend. Kyle Jones goes out with a number of women who live in nursing homes and he has fun time with them. He even met them with his mother, 50-year-old home. But the 91-year relationship with Marjorie McCool, short-term relationship and not a cross. It has been 5 years. Although the Marjorie McCool is 60 years older than Kyle, but have hot Making Love.

Always together and they take their hands with each other. Kyle says the tendency of the brain is different. Some men prefer women, blond, brunette, some women tall and I love older women. Kyle’s first Making Love was at age 18 with 50-year-old woman. This young 31 year old man in daily social networks friends with them and talk with them. He said: “Most of them are aged 60 to 80 years. Whenever I try to talk to the old lady, the first reaction is to say: you’re very young. I know a good way to talk to them and it would be a happy relationship. ”

Kyle was introduced in 2009 with Marjorie in a bookstore and he wanted her phone number. Marjorie who had been living with the father of her children for 37 years, she agreed to go to the date. He says: “The other women who were with them, I was jealous. But always tells me that I am better than them and she returns to me. ”

Marjorie says that most of the children are boys and they don’t care about what they are doing. They are 71, 63, 50, 43, 41 years old. She continued: “Many times people think that they would go out of my son or grandson. My grandsons of the same age. ”