Negin Mirsalehi

While the number crunchers looking for the most popular film stars like Golshifteh Farahani from Iran, Bahram Radan, Elnaz Shakerdoust in social network Instagram, hardly will exceed 100 thousand, a “fashion blogger” and young stylist born in the Netherlands has been able to gather Instagram followers, more than one million.

Negin Mirsalehi 26-year-old, who was born in Amsterdam is from Iranian parents, is a well-known blogger in the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle considered.

She has a high degree in international business management (IBM) and received her final paper in marketing, in addition to her favorite work, blogging, like a modern version of a French film won the early ’60s, constantly traveling around Europe to participate in the fashion ceremonies.

In an interview with Marie Claire fashion and beauty magazine, December issue made about the success in obtaining the number of followers on Instagram says that when her account in the social network has launched, along with writing her senior thesis and BA at the time of 8 am to 4 pm and from 5 pm to midnight on her master’s thesis worked for Instagram time left.

When she was 17, she started a relationship with her Dutch boyfriend and lives with him three years ago.

Instagram is an application and web service that its release back about two years ago. This service is a service that is associated with photography by iPhone and iPad and so quickly became popular over the years and today is known as a service for Facebook. The use of this app? It earlier version of iOS (Apple devices such as the iPhone) and Android version is also published today, can be interesting visual effects to create the pictures.

With this program you can create and edit photos with fun effects and Instagram to share with other network users, as well as many photos per day and the effects on other users will see them create and enjoy.

Nima Behnoud the designer of Cristiano Ronaldo’s clothes: Nimany

The man who stood alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and the suit of Mr. Superstar is an Iranian designer. He is Nima Behnoud. Nima that everyone knows him with “Nimany” brand that America has a great reputation in recent years and worked with prominent figures. Peyman Maadi and Bahram Radan wear his clothes that he designed. Nima was born in Tehran. He is 38 years old. She designed costumes with old stamps and Iranian Nastaliq lines and then produce them. And now he have a group of 17 people Nimany, one of New York’s fashion group, and he manages this group.

He has continued Graphic Design in San Francisco and New York Fashion School in 2000 and graduated four years after that. Nima Behnoud tidal first designer to design clothing lines and traditional Nastaliq on the Middle East. Among Iranians abroad, Nimany and his shirts, and it is as one of the most beautiful examples of the cultural elements of entrepreneurship.

Nima is now residing in New York. Using the art of Nastaliq in the last 2 years old but unknown outside the country to produce the garments and shirts. That at least some time in a competitive fashion market has a strong foothold for unlock.

Nima’s models are simple and pure that is often used as a monochrome lines and traditional designs on t-shirts for men and women. He is a good writer and he is not generally used for new designs, but his art (combining calligraphy and t-shirt) is something very innovative praised by the critics and buyers. Brand “Nimany” Today, in a very short period has become known brand in the production of handmade shirts. Products of “Nimany” in different countries are available in large and small shows. The Iranian actors and actress like Mitra Hajjar and Bahram Radan have worked with him in promoting these products.

Tala Golzar – The Art of Russia, Persia and America

One look at the beauty called Tala Golzar, and you’ll definitely be mesmerised. She’s one of the best-known looking actresses that has been able to make it extremely make in America. However, she is of an Iranian origin, which ensures that you will be able to look not only sophisticated, but also exotic. The first modelling assignment that she has actually done was to appear in the cover of a Tehran magazine, which was immediately after she stepped into the American modelling industry. She continued to build up your portfolio, which ensures that you will actually be able to bring about a lot of change in her overwhelming carrier aspects.

As of today, Tala Golzar is one of those highly coveted models that you could possibly find in the cover of magazines. However, not only issue extremely talented in her work, but she also happens to be an actress of the highest calibre. So, that can actually give you a good indication on the feasibility that you could possibly get when you meet people like her. She has also been chosen as the former designer from Versace to become the face of the NS design for the year of 2009.

So, all in all, containing the success of the different kinds of features that she has been able to undertake, Tala Golzar is definitely a role model for the young generation. She’s an artist, an aspiring singer, as well as a very excellent painter. Also, designing clothes for special occasions has become a wonderful pastime for her. This can actually give you a good indication on the feasibility that she has been able to enjoy, and the various ways in which she would be able to go about her daily work, irrespective of what seems to be the plausible explanation.

The Pl*ayboy of All Time Hugh Hefner

Born in Chicago, Illinois this elder son of Grace Caroline and Glen Lucius is now a famous business tycoon of an adult magazine, and is also the founder as well as the chief creative officer of Pl*ayboy Enterprise, we are sure by now you must have guessed that we are talking about the real pl*ayboy of all times Hugh Hefner.

This man started his career as a copywriter for Esquire, but soon realised that he was meant to rule and not to serve, which is when he decided to mortgage all his furniture, which helped him in generating a loan of $600, and with the help of a few investors could manage further funds of $8000 which also included $1000 from his own mother, and so started his famous publishing Pl*ayboy, and the very first feature of this magazine was the all-time favourite of all Marilyn Monroe, in her nude calendar shoot that was shot in the year 1949, and this was the start of the publishing line going out to have sold over fifty thousand copies.

What was more interesting about Hugh Hefner apart from his Pl*ayboy magazine was his own life which depicted his status as a pl*ayboy, starting Hugh Hefner wedding list with his marriage to Mildred Williams, and their personal life going all public with Mildred confessing to have had an affair while Hugh was in army, and so had no option but to allow him to sleep with other women, even when they were married. But they were divorced later, and in his words Hefner has confessed to have many lovers, who had even filed palimony suit of thirty five million dollars against him. He then again married Kimberley Conrad and fathered two sons with her, but after 11 years of separation got divorced and got engaged to Crystal Harris in the year 2010. Hefner was 86 years old when he married Harris who was only 26 on 31st December, 2012.

The Story of a Freelance Journalist

Have a look at her blog and you too will be motivated to get into the business of writing. She is a highly motivated freelance Journalist whose write-ups are focussed on the social trends, niche communities and also the emerging subcultures.

In her words “I see the world in stories and article, and am constantly in pursuit of new angles and ideas” we get an idea as to what a dedicated journalist she is. With her hands on experiences of working with names such as VICE and Renegade Collective, and also having an experience of working with local media platforms such as ABC Radio National, GQ and B&T, she sure has reached a very good point of success where all the other journalists of her age could only dream to reaching.

But it is not only journalism and her articles that keeps this journalist in the news all the time, there are other things which we get to know when we type the name Edwina Storie in the search bar, there are news related to her that pop up as well, which we think should be known to the general public as well. Like the recent news of this Australian journalist all ready to take legal actions which were in response to her seductive lingerie shots and also her photos that went viral on Facebook, and which sent out a strong contrasting message about her persona which was very different from her hijab- wearing TV avatar.

As per her lawsuit, the photos were released “in retaliation for her anti-Zionist repost” which was related to the anti-Israeli boycott, divestment and sanctions controversies which took place in the Sydney University. In her statement Storie claimed that the photos were private, but as per the blog that published the photos, they were said to be public and were in fact professional shots that had been broadcasted on the men’s websites and also on the Men’s Health magazine.