A Helmet That Dates Back to 1925

Once upon a time it was believed that you will be able to concentrate more on your work if you plugged yourself off of the worldly pleasures, and taking this statement too seriously was this very unique helmet invented, which did not permit the wearer any kind of personal contact with the world, as it was so long to cover the wearer from face up till his shoulders, and allowed him total concentration as the wearer was not able to hear anything.

The helmet was said to help the person who was working and who preferred to wear the helmet while he or she was working to put their absolute and total concentration on their work. This was because after one would wear this helmet, they would practically go deaf , there was a piping line attached to the helmet which maintained the inflow of oxygen inside the helmet, so that the wearer while working did not feel dizzy, and because the helmet was so long that it reached the shoulders of the wearer and designed in a unique manner, there was no way by which air could enter inside the helmet, there it was necessary to create a pipe which went inside the helmet, and which supplied the wearer with oxygen to keep them alive and breathing, which they concentrated on their works. Apart from that there was only a tiny-tinny horizontal slit that was imbibed in that helmet that helped in limiting the vision of the wearer, so that they could help themselves concentrate on their work on hand solely, and no other worldly view could divert their attention.

This Isolator Helmet was invented by the editor of the magazine Science and Invention, Hugo Gerns back, who was also one of the members of ‘The America Physical Society’ and was also considered as one of the pioneers in the world of science fiction.

Clothing for climbing up parents: Shiraishi Atsushi

Many people with physical and mental differences that are the same with each other can not even find two people in mental and physical characteristics the same. Parents and educators must have the characteristics and differences of individuals under their education, learn separately and then raising them to the efforts deployed at that.

A child born today will be set according to the physical and mental condition that is influenced by genetic factors and some other unknown factors Its unique characteristics, so that he can not be compared with other children. Therefore, training methods and how to deal with children as well as our expectations of him, he should be appropriate to the circumstances and special features.

Due to the fact that we are causing their educational experience that is specific to one or more children, has generality and in any case, the result of knowing, because it might be useful to have a baby on the way and on the other child does not help.

Parents should try each of your children properly understand the emotional features. And as far as possible, he invested in the education of the moral and material well, but do not have the same expectations of their children and they do not compare with the other children.

Your personal behavior, the most important factor in a child’s upbringing. Child, the most subtle changes in tone and speech you understand and feel. All modulate the way your mind looks at him invisible, without your notice. Parents should be careful and constant observation of their behavior and actions of all the words and deeds, the first and most important is style.

Shiraishi Atsushi artist has designed costumes and fun for parents who allow their children to play better. This dress can help children to more parents and Cole go up and down!

Top 4 famous Indian superstitions

One rupee

The amount of money given in a wedding occasion should end with one. The number should not be an even. It is auspicious to add one rupee to the amount which you want to present. This is one of the reasons why most envelopes come ready made with a rupee coin.

Lemon and chillies charm

It is very popular to get a string of lemons hanged on the doorway of a shop, home or office. Doing this helps to bring good luck. Most Indians thread one lemon along with seven chillies. This helps to bring prosperity and it is changed every Friday. In case you step any of the discarded totkas you invite evil influence. Most Indians believe that if they hang a charm it helps in keeping away ‘Alakshmi’ or poverty.

Peepal trees

Most Indian superstitionsare centered on trees and plants. A good superstition is that peepal trees are the abode of ghosts. In order to prevent these ghosts you have to avoid resting under the tree at night. The munja ghost is believed to reside in the tree. The idea behind this superstition is that peepal trees produce a lot of carbon dioxide during at night. If you stand under the tress this could be dangerous to somebody’s health.

Widows are not lucky

This is one of the saddest Indian superstitions. Widows are never allowed to remarry; they should put on white and avoid wearing jewelry or taking part in festivities. But widowers never