What is the Qajar Dynasty ?

So what is the Qajar Dynasty? It is actually the native Iranian royal family, people that would actually the rulers of Persia from 1785 to 1925. It is this particular family that actually took full control over Iran in the year of 1794, and reasserted the policy of sovereignty about the large parts of Middle East Asia and Central Asia. The origins of these particular dynasties were mainly called black eye or the black hats with the lineage being attributed to the Oghuz Turks.

As of now, you find that there are a lot of people that still owe their allegiance to the Qajar Dynasty. This can actually help you to understand the amount of liberal backing that they have actually got from the different kinds of tribal forces in Iran itself. They have made use of the tribal forces in order to come to power, also all the while educating and keeping the Persians within the bureaucracy. This can actually give you a good understanding on why this particular dynasty has been able to flourish for over two centuries.

It was during the reign of Nasser-e-Din Shah’s that the westernisation of the Persian dynasties did happen. With a lot of mutual distrust that will be provided in the allegiance itself, between Great Britain and Russia in order to preserve the independence of Persia, a lot of foreign interference did a lot of damage to the kingdom. As it is, he was not able to defend his territory properly, which is why both Britain as well as Russia did invade their territory, and went about encroaching into territory that were well within the Persian king. This actually led to the decline of the power within the Qajar Dynasty, which is why they went nearly bankrupt, and went out of the legacy.