About acting and modeling

Acting defining the living presence of the actor on stage. Here are “presence” of the space occupied by the body, stating “Live” means that the (body) is associated with thought and feeling, and “scene” in the definition of the type of gaming space.

After actors have their own donate in cinema, any means reached to the representation of cognitive style is beautiful, the work of these three aspects is judged aspects of physical or technical, they have their own attorney and mental health is in a high level, intellectual aspects of sensory or mental.

Claim of the act of a role is so important for an actor. In short, the technical aspects or the physical presence of the actor on the stage body is kind of like mortgage. It is still sometimes moving, sometimes the movement is so well in treatment, sometimes combined with movement (the actor in the scene is moving and change the location, which is below the upper or left and right.

All these circumstances is sometimes stated and it’s for recovery, sometimes quiet or without words, and finally, sometimes individual, sometimes collective. So this aspect consists of all the audience sees the actor hears TCB. Rehab is not tolerated and this is so impressive.

Whether they like it or not, there are always marginal, Iranian actors, singers and artists in general have kinds of classes of art. Magnification is certainly not pleasant for them as they run it, the people in their lives are like road kill and be aware of the details of everything. Iranian cinema these days are full of news about marriage and divorce margins and popular artists that have the same popularity that they are speaking out. Here we want to meet some of the most famous actors in Iran:

Hannaneh Shahshahani as a Photo Model !

Hananeh Shahshahani persian actress is born on February 23, 1990. She has a keen interest in music and acting since childhood and was able to show their ability in this field as well. She has a degree in music education and professional instrument is violin.

Hananeh Shahshahani a few years after these activities went to study in Armenia. At age 16, she again returned to Iran.after returning to Iran.she played first feature film, “Zagros” and after the movie in the telefilms “loud cry” made her a cinematographic work Ismail Falah Poor play.

She implies the unveiling of the young actress Iranian cinema. The news has also been published on the false images.many critics, even the actors could have a positive impact.

At least she was not expecting such a role in the “Javdanegi” serial.

Prior to this time there had been problems, Tehrani and others. Last year this event was to Hananeh. Hananeh three years had traveled to America to study and work in the proposal, but said that does not work and wants to return to Iran.Modeling work and did anyone mention the rumor had been struck. Now we have to see what the story. But, what if Hananeh wanted to do this, in America and the rest of the country and offer to play in a series of forty needed to take part in these events and photos and clean the mind, but hope that handsome artist we can again reach its previous popularity.

Shahshahani’s mother thinks that this photo is fake photoshop and distribution factors are followed by complaints, he says Hananeh three years had traveled to America to study. Although there is a job offer, but that does not work there and wants to return to Iran. Finally, the proposal Derakhshandeh back. It was supposed to act in the film “Hiss girls do not cry”. But he could not bring himself to this film is going to divorce his new film about the presence Hananeh use.

Irina Shayk and her Iranian moderator Ali Kavoussi!

Irina Shayk born in January 6, 1986, born in Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova. At age 9, was in a music school and studied there for 7 years. She was a great experience and skill in playing the piano and singing in the choir, but still wanted her mother taught her music. When she was 14, her father died because of complications from cancer. And her family was left with little money and her mother was forced to work there in 2 days to provide enough money for the family.

Irina after the course had finished high school, but the local market and soon began to be tired of it. She went to beauty school along with her sister. When she came in the person of a local modeling agency she was friendly. “Miss Chelyabinsk 2004” beauty contest Company had asked her to invite and they want her to participate in their work.

She seems unusual that she inherited from her father, and she said that people often mistakenly think that she is a native of South America. Irina says: “My face is dark black water Russian people because she was a native born, and also can sometimes be like Brazilians.” Shayk said, I’ve inherited from my mother’s eye.

From 2007 to 2012 she was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2011, she was appeared on the cover of this statement. She is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend. Irina Shayk Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend nominated for any obscene images will review strangers, this controversial photos of this model line with her Iranian director programs Ali Kavoussi that do not conform to our cultured Muslim people, causing them pain and sorrow. In addition, many Iranian supporters of Real Madrid is also nervous. Ali Kavoussi addition to Irina Shayk, he is manager of several other models as well. Ronaldo in the last few days of his girlfriend’s family is extremely angry and upset.

A Dinky, Cute Child Model: Kristina Pimenova

Kristina Pimenova maybe is only 9 years old but she is one of the most successful models since she was 3 years to extent that she is “the most beautiful girl in the world”. According to report of Teknaz Christina born in Moscow, Russia, in four years could participated in one of the most important fashion show and at age seven, her picture was published on the cover of Vogue. And now also she is one of the best luxury brands in the world-known figures such Robroto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Benetton, etc.

This little girl is even own her supporters, including the fact that she has more than two million followers on Facebook and social networking Instagram too much of the praise she gets. Her mother’s name is Gillkerya Shirvokva, she was a model before. She puts photos of Christina personal or professional social network and Instagram and says “Kristina itself does not post on the Internet.”

In her page on the social network and in her biography she began modeling at the age of three. Wherever she went, she took her daughter with herself and everybody repeatedly told her that the girl is lovely and not bad to try modeling work. Her mother decided to do it and do it later, Kristie also be interested in to do it too. Moreover, she is also an accomplished gymnast and she practice too myuch for it and she is a good gymnast.

Kristina’s father Ruslan Pimenova is a retired soccer player 33 years old who had participated in the Russian team at the 2002 World Cup.

There isn’t very much information about her elder sister, we just know that her name is Natalia.

She is only a child fashion model, but so far she has received a lot of negative feedback.

Miss World 2014 From South Africa: Rolene Strauss

Rolene Strauss born in 22 April 1992.She is from South Africa. She is a beautiful queen girl who was selected as Miss South Africa 2014, and in that day won Miss World 2014 in London too. She is the second woman from South Africa that wins the Miss World award, but the third is waiting.

He was born in Volksrust, South Africa. When she was 8, Rolene Strauss was considered as a cute girl and she was so proud of it. Her dream was winning this title and award, and she won this title in March 2014 and she reached to this aim.

Rolene is studying medical and studying towards her degree at the Free State University in Bloemfontein.

When she was 15 years old, she participated in and she could won the national selection for the Elite Model Look International and it was a big achievement. She is the youngest winner in her country and beat 11 other contestants vying for the same award.

Strauss was on the top 15 of the Elite Model Look International  in 2007 after competing with 55 contestants. One of the brilliant contestants from the Elite Model Look include Cindy, Stephanie and Gisele. None of them won in that year, but they can attained important and international achievement.

She placed in the top 5 of Miss South Africa in 2011. After all of these she is Miss South Africa 2014, Rolene has been expected to participate at Miss Universe 2014 and Miss World 2014 but it didn’t happened. Regularly the winner of the ceremony competed at both of the ceremonies. In December, after she was won Miss World 2014, she will not be able to compete at Miss Universe 2014.

She won the Miss World 2014 award on December 14, 2014. The ceremony was held in the Excel Arena in London. She is so popular in her country so she deserved this.

Nima Behnoud the designer of Cristiano Ronaldo’s clothes: Nimany

The man who stood alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and the suit of Mr. Superstar is an Iranian designer. He is Nima Behnoud. Nima that everyone knows him with “Nimany” brand that America has a great reputation in recent years and worked with prominent figures. Peyman Maadi and Bahram Radan wear his clothes that he designed. Nima was born in Tehran. He is 38 years old. She designed costumes with old stamps and Iranian Nastaliq lines and then produce them. And now he have a group of 17 people Nimany, one of New York’s fashion group, and he manages this group.

He has continued Graphic Design in San Francisco and New York Fashion School in 2000 and graduated four years after that. Nima Behnoud tidal first designer to design clothing lines and traditional Nastaliq on the Middle East. Among Iranians abroad, Nimany and his shirts, and it is as one of the most beautiful examples of the cultural elements of entrepreneurship.

Nima is now residing in New York. Using the art of Nastaliq in the last 2 years old but unknown outside the country to produce the garments and shirts. That at least some time in a competitive fashion market has a strong foothold for unlock.

Nima’s models are simple and pure that is often used as a monochrome lines and traditional designs on t-shirts for men and women. He is a good writer and he is not generally used for new designs, but his art (combining calligraphy and t-shirt) is something very innovative praised by the critics and buyers. Brand “Nimany” Today, in a very short period has become known brand in the production of handmade shirts. Products of “Nimany” in different countries are available in large and small shows. The Iranian actors and actress like Mitra Hajjar and Bahram Radan have worked with him in promoting these products.