Bringing To You the Music & Lyrics from the Heart of Iran – Shadmehr Aghili

He is an Iranian pop singer and also a musician, a composer, music arranger and producer as well as song writer, and also had his hands in acting; the person we are going to talk about is none other than the famous Iranian singer Shadmehr Aghili, who was born in Iran but later on in his life, migrated to Canada and is presently residing in Los Angeles, California.

It was right from his childhood that traces of a true artist could be seen in Shadmehr, when he was just four years old there were expressions of an artist seen on his face whenever he heard a song played on the television or even the radio. It was his inclination towards the art of music that was recognised by his mother and his brother and before the world actually knew him to be a true musician that he today is; he was a learned piano and violin player even before he was eighteen years old. As if this was not enough he also learned to play the guitar but in an expert manner.

He started his career with the official broadcasting of Iran known as IRIB, and after working there for a while released his first album Bahar e Man in the year 1997, his next release was Fasl e Ashenayi which was released the next year in 1998. After a couple of successful released it was time for Shadmehr Aghili to follow his track to Canada, where he released his first album in Canada known as Khiali Nist and after that it was Doori o Pashimani and then Adam Foroush and later Popcorn.

There are a couple of concerts that Shadmehr has currently appeared in like Shadmehr Aghili live in Arena Oberhausen which was held on 22nd March, 2014, and prior to that there was a live in concert held in Chicago on 27th November, 2013.