What is a Selfie Photo?

What is a Selfie Photo?

The social media has given rise to a strange phenomenon known as the Selfie. But it is not everybody who is aware of the term. A Selfie is a picture of yourself that is shared on social networking websites. Taking a Selfie photo was started by famous celebrities. There is too much behind the way we do it and why taking a Selfie has become a popular trend.

Who takes Selfies?

Everybody takes a Selfie photo, but younger crowds are involved in the trend so much because teenagers are heavy digital users compared to old people. There are some Selfies which are close ups, others show part of arm held straight outward. There are various types of Selfie styles. The social media is the driving force of Selfie activities, young kids want to be connected to girlfriends, boyfriends and crushes. They are active when it comes to sharing Selfies regularly.

Reasons why people take Selfies?

What kind of psychological factors that drives people to take a Selfie and upload it on any social networking website. Everybody situation is different, one of the reasons why most people take a Selfie photo, so that they can get attention from friends. Most people like to be noticed on social media and likes or comments from friends are a quick way to fish for compliments and boosting ones ego. Teenagers are the leading people who take part in this trend. They are not only plugged into the internet all the time but they have self esteem issues and most of them upload Selfies in order to deal with their self consciousness.

It is human nature to show off their great achievements. If you feel good about yourself it is simple to reach your phone. Another reason why people take Selfie is because they are bored. Most people are bored at work, home, toilet and at school. There are some people who take Selfies because they are idle and they have nothing to do. Social media is all about being social. If it means uploading many Selfies as possible do it. There are some people who do not require a reason to take a Selfie. They do it because they like doing it for fun.

700 thousand dollar luxury home with all the amenities!

Internet pages were filled by the news about the special relationship between a famous actress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt a few years ago and another issue has been added recently and is about child Shiloh Jolie Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to sell their home in their ad New Orleans. The selling price of the house and Five to six million dollars. The 710-square-meter old house that was built in 1830 with a small pool, five bedrooms and three bath. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s house in 2006, the amount of three million five hundred thousand dollars while the city recently bought by the Hurricane Katrina disrupted.

Shiloh when was a child attract too much attention from the media and journalists. One thing that is noticed about Shiloh is a great resemblance to her parents. Especially after the red carpet with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought Shiloh with each other and she participated at that ceremony. She is much like his parents and Hollywood headlines pay attention to that and his parents apparently not satisfy about it.

Parents decided do not let the photos be released unless the law or contract or with their permission. So it came to the place where the American magazine People for the right to publish the pictures in North America, was willing to pay $ 4.1 million deal.

An English magazine called Hello would pay $ 3.5 million to acquire the license for the international publishing pictures. Of course we should not forget that this couple is benevolent and honorable all the benefits of these agreements Jolie and Pitt donated to charity to be used in public works.

But finance is not the only reason for the popularity of Shiloh, but also the birth place of Shiloh is a special exception. Angelina Jolie a UN peace ambassadors and Brad Pitt decided through consultation that the first child open her eyes to the world in the territory of Namibia and even take her Namibian passport! She born in May 28, 2006.

A man arrested for Having S*x with an Alligator: Rupert Darwin

Some people that have s*x with a pet, a donkey and even a parrot, but the incident is on another level that is awful. Rupert Darwin, 59, a 12-foot crocodile kept bound and blindfolded, creepy se*ual harassment and abuse several times a day. Here we have another case about this wonderful claim.

The first woman that have s*x with dolphins! A woman who has had s*xual contact with the dolphins for the first time in front of TV cameras appear and speak about their relationship. Contact with Dolphin was part of a NASA research project to marine animals to learn how to speak English.

Ms. Margaret Howe Lovatt in 1963 turned her home to aquarium to communicate with the animal. She began to get closer and closer communication and language communication became physical. She rubs the knees and body. She doesn’t feel very unhappy. She added that the association is part of learning English with animals.

A strange story that involved all the world’s media and a lot of criticism in the wake of the animal protection classes organization. Of course, these events usually occur in third world countries and it has become commonplace marriage and behaviors of mortgage. But in developing countries where population is declining and little by little they are closer to Neanderthals and live without any rules and laws.

Maybe marry a cat, dog or furniture and buildings in the world is unacceptable and strange donate, but it seems that Americans are fond of such marriages. The most recent American woman from Seattle strange kind of marriage with her favorite donkey married. Unfortunately, this news suggests that humans are far little of human nature and perhaps they return to the ancient culture.

The news of an American woman married to an ass. For this action, she said that after 2 years of her unsurpassed experience with this animal lovers and decided to marry him. Of course this is only the case of married Americans with animals and recently also married an American woman named Linda with her dog. The Senate release of America’s Army approves s*x with animals last year. Which always had its critics, but denied that it has to be. There is another strange wedding.

An incredible 87 hours tolerance for winning BMW: Song chang Jiang

To obtain great wealth without much trouble and taking a big chance in the life of every individual. Sometimes such situations in the lives of some of our wonderful happens to be very pleasant. Around the world, some companies to advertise these opportunities to the people they do this. Of course, the fact that one of them may lose their valuable products. But alongside these ads get a lot of benefit that is worth it.

27-year-old Chinese hunker after 87 hours and keep a hand on the glass of the car was a BMW 1 Series. Love is a feeling that cannot force people to do strange things. A group of enthusiasts who number in the world, not least, the car lovers to get their beloved cars have spared no effort.

The BMW automobile company in China has hold a contest of endurance, and the award was given to a person that win the contest and it is a BMW 1 Series car. The competition is held in the form of a human plasma labels on different parts of the vehicle-mounted. Participants should have kept their hands on it.

After 4 hours, the participants were allowed to use their hands for 15 minutes to remove the label and to eat, drink or rest. Roughly 120 people aged between 18 and 40 years participated in this competition. Many severe muscle cramp during this competition, lack of sleep and extreme lethargy and were excluded from the competition. After 4 days of competition remaining participants were only 3 people. And 27-year-old man who finally managed to get out after two other rival BMW 1 Series car to win.

The competition itself was very difficult and most breathtaking Participants were avoided in the early hours and even first day of the contest.

Controversial Iranian gay parade in Istanbul

Iranian homose*ual annual gay parade this year, like last year in Istanbul, Turkey attended. This year’s parade to coincide with days of Ramadan held with greater sensitivity. The prominence of the Istanbul police and plainclothes security was imposed atmosphere on the streets of Istanbul independence.

Participants in the parade in response to the approach of the police, chanted slogans against Erdogan, these slogans were met with harsh police with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to the participants marched. Turkish police clash with journalists, especially plainclothes was also very harsh.

In this parade, some Iranian LGBT asylum seekers, often living in Turkey were involved. A gay Iranian asylum seeker told reporters addition, some of Iran had traveled to Istanbul to attend the ceremony. He first came to the event, describes his experience differently, but said that Turkey’s gay and he is afraid of painful enough has experienced many difficulties.

Now, dozens of gay Iranian asylum seekers in Turkey as live. Last year they organized a group participated in the parade. Istanbul this year’s parade due to stringent security measures and widespread impact of police, ended earlier than usual.

Homose*uality is a se*ual orientation characterized by the desire aesthetic, romantic love and s*xual desire only the person who made similar to his own. Homose*uality with heterose*uality and bise*ual tendencies, se*ual comprise three main trends. A person who tends to be the other s*x “heteros*xual” and the people who own the other s*x and same-*ex individuals tend to “bise*ual” they say.

Homose*ual behavior refers to se*ual relations with someone of the same se*. Gay people are said to prefer a long time to engage in se*ual activity with people of their same se*. In recent years, to describe a homose*ual life style of the term “homose*ual” is used because it is believed that this term is less negative than the so-called gay. Those men and women who want to openly gay se*ual orientation usually use the term homose*ual. The English word to refer to gay people for gay and Lesbian most commonly used or necessarily that of the English word Lesbian.

Ex-Teacher Who Admitted to S*x Acts with Teens: Summer Hansen

A female teacher who promises grade students to interact with illicit sex he was arrested! “Summer Hansen” middle school teacher in relationship with the abuse and sexual assault was arrested in identity in a ceremony commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Institute of tips from other managers and school officials revealed.

According to the report in the celebration, which was attended by officials of the school and vice training, while appreciating the teacher’s desk as a “model teacher” identity “Summer Hansen” was revealed as more teachers. Once called “Summer Hansen” for example as a teacher “award” Read, families objected to her sentence s*x offenders were addressed.

A statement was made on Tuesday at the office “Summer Hansen” After several complaints from parents of students with a judicial verdict on charges of assault and s*xual abuse of his students, who were minors, were arrested.

Summer Hansen lawyer’s efforts to show his client was innocent, aborted and finally arrested her temporarily banned from the educational environment. She then chose her victims to receive promised grade. During the three-day police investigation numerous victims under the age of 18 years have been identified. She is also the 2012 and 2013, two counts of s*xual offenses with students in the classroom is evident.

Humans are social creatures and must apply the law to the community and help control their behavior. Violation of these rules not only to oneself but also harm the population that these errors definitely have to be answered by the community conflict. Some of these violations are special forms that rarely happens in the world.

Such events in the news quickly spread, especially in virtual worlds and social networks. People with reactions and criticisms are certainly some of the events and scenes of violations reported that people around the world to see and judge such actions.

Some of this behavior is inconsistent with the culture and laws of the community is more than the loss of the affected person. One of the things that spread rapidly in the Internet, blogs and virtual worlds released about something that has happened in Spain. It takes sharp reactions from people all over the world that it was a lot of fun with this fast reactions.