Android Application now on your personal computer: BLUESTACKS

Well known apps available in android phone includes whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Hangouts, different app Locker for security, games famous among android user like temple run ,subway surfers, Fruit ninja and many more .Unable to use an android device? Here’s a solution to fulfill your motives—BlueStack App Player.

BlueStacks is a mobile company officially launched on May 25 2011, at the Citrex Synergy Conference at San Francisco who designed the two most interesting software Bluestack App Player and GamePop. The alpha version of Bluestack App player was launched on October 11 2011.

This App Player is made available for Windows and Mac Os to demonstrate virtually an experience of Android operating system on your desktop.

It is a free downloadable software piece. It has gone through a journey of advancement by improving itself to two more versions.Alpha-1 version was released on 27 June 2012 specifically for Mac OS users .Today synonym of Bluestack App Player is its last version out in market beta declared on 27th Dec 2012

Beta version makes user available with 750,000 Android App. It has more than 10 million users now.

More the people less alike are review!!! No software is without flaws and so it this software. Depending on the usage of apps, review of user for the Bluestack App Player is contradistinct.Its latest version ( acquired 3.5 out of 5 stars on CNET

Not experienced  Android OS ?? Planning to install this software?? First just have a look on its pros and cons.


  • Easy to install without danger to your kernel OS (Windows or Mac OS)
  • Almost all the apps supported in an android smart phone can now be available on your PC for Free.


  • Your PC should a have a minimum requirement of graphics to install the software, otherwise you need  to get a graphic card installed in your pc.
  • You cannot permanently clean your computer, even though you have uninstalled the software.
  • Bit time consuming at installation and requires high speed internet.

Hotspot Shield: Six benefits rendered to you over the complication you face related to internet security

Co-founders of AnchorfreeInc , David Gorodyansky and Eugene Malobrodsky  introduced this software as internet security solutions.

Hotspot Shield is software that permits you to browse over the Internet by creating a virtual private network and securely accessing all the contents on Internet.

Six most fascinating benefits or you should pros that makes this software widely used are as above:

  1. Protect your privacy:   By creating your own VPN users can surf internet and his IP address is also protected.
  2. Outflank Internet Censorships:The amount of Internet censorship differs on a country-to-country basis.  While 80% democratic countries have balanced Internet censorship, other countries even don’t allow information such as news and suppress discussion among citizens. Hotspot Shield is used to get surfing to such censored information.
  3. Security is provided to internet usage: With the modern fast life all most every important cash payments people prefer through internet to save time. But there are many security threats that put a semi-colon to use such facilities. Hotspot Shield is used against such threats so that your data is not endangered while online payment. This security is provided through HTTP encryption methods applied during development of software.
  4. Provides the “crazy wi-fi user” security: Use of Wi-fi for surfing over internet is full of risk .Your personal information can be misused by hackers. SO BEWARE and use this software.
  5. Make your PC, mobile-phones and laptops Malware free: Using this software your devices will be protected from spams, phising etc
  6. You can have data saving on your mobiles phones: This software can provide users with good data compression features. Data downloaded is compressed first by this software and then saved to your phone.

Atlast readers if you were treasuring hard to get solutions about the above internet problems your treasure hunt is over and the most valuable king’s crown from the treasure box is this software