15 billion Ali Karimi’s amazing house: Former National Player of Iran

Mohammad Ali Karimi Pashaky (November 8, 1978), also known as Ali Karimi, a retired Iranian football player born in Karaj, Tehran. In his 18-year career from 1996 to 2014, the history of the league to play in 4 countries Iran, UAE, Germany and Qatar and conquered clubs, Persepolis, Al Emirates, Bayern Munich, Alqatar, Steel Azin, Schalke 04’s and Tractor Sazi Tabriz. From 1998 to 2012, Karimi more than a decade was Iran’s national football team player. 127 games and 38 goals with the national, the third player in the history of the national game and the third player of the team’s top scorer.

Ali Karimi, who was known as a playmaker dribbling man, has many supporters in Iran and people called him the “Wizard” and “Asian Maradona” and he known with these names. He has also been involved in community activities and charity. Ali Karimi start professional football in 1996 with the Fath team in the Division II football and after 2 years joined the Perspolice Club, where he played 3 seasons 2 Times Cup “Azadegan” and was once the National Cup winner. And coincides with the national team, the 1998 Asian Games gold medal in Bangkok and this was very important for him as he told before that.

Ali Karimi from February 1998 for pushing referee in the match hoping for one year were excluded from participation in all national and club competitions and after the expiration of this term, he return to football again. Was also present at the 2000 AFC Asian Cup. After 2 seasons, Ali Karimi joined Tractor Sazi Tabriz and final season of his career by winning the FA Cup ended. Recently published pictures of his home, which created a lot of controversy was so weird for many people. The villa is situated in a pleasant and weather Lavasanat. The villa is very beautiful and eye-catching look like a palace. The luxury of the palace villa was so that all the knobs and faucet handles are made of gold.

98-year-old woman who got a Judo Dan 10: Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Judo means: “way of softness or flexibility”, martial art that originated from Japan. Judo Jujitsu is a martial art originated in 1932 by a Japanese doctor Kanō Jigorō was founded.

Is now the site of the World Federation of Judo in Japan. Judo is a martial first string were entered in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. This field athletes, Q 10 degrees from the beginning or the white belt with belt during Q1 to Q9 yellow, green, purple, brown or black belt was promoted to the rank of Dan. Dan Black Belt from the beginning and continues to do 10. Fukuda is now one of the 4 people in the world live the tenth degree black belt in Judo is received.

To understand the success Sensei Keiko Fukuda is necessary to know that throughout history, only 16 people have won this honor. Mrs. Sensei Keiko Fukuda began practicing judo in 1935 and the only living pupil of the founder of judo school. She learned English teacher urged to promote international judo.

At a time when getting married, starting a family and household in the community was a common custom, Sensei Keiko Fukuda Unlike existing traditions, learn judo and martial arts preferred.

She says: “I just worked judo and jujitsu I got married. I had never thought about it a long way. ”

The school has long judo black belt, women were not allowed to have more than 5 Sensei Keiko Fukuda, one of the women in schools was launched in 1972, was promoted to honor the 6-degree black belt. Sensei Keiko Fukuda says, she consciously chose to judo at the same gentleness, kindness and beauty as well as physically and mentally strong and powerful. Sensei Keiko Fukuda says it is not aware of the beauty of appearance and adds to the beauty of the soul of kindness. I believe in life and in my dreams I love this kind of beauty.

Ali Daei and his daughter in merry New Year holidays in America: Noura Daei

UNICEF Ambassador Ali Daei, former player Tehran taxi clubs,Tejarat Bank, Persepolis, Al Sadd of Qatar, Arminia Bylh Feld, Bayern Munich, Hertha Berlin, Emirates Al-Shabab,Saba Battery,Saipa Alborz and former head coach of Persepolis Tehran.

His record of 109 goals in national games,the best scorer in the history of world football. The national record with 149 games played most of Iran’s national football team.He was FIFA Football Committee’s membership.

In 2004 he received “Honor Courage” from President Mohammad Khatami. Ali Daei was born in Ardabil on 1969. Ali Daei addition to football, in the business was successful and operator of several large companies, a shop, factory, sports apparel and he is a member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

He began football in Esteghlal Ardabil then Persepolis Tehran,after that he joined the team Al Sadd of Qatar. Ali Daei after two years in Persepolis, in 1996 he joined Al Sadd of Qatar in 1996-97 season. Ali Daei and Karim Bagheri in 1997 joined the team Arminia Bylh Feld Germany. He joined the team of Bayern Munich in 1998 and achieve the German Bundesliga championship with the team.

After that he joined the team Hertha Berlin in 1999.Then he joined Al-Shabab Emirates with 2-year contract in 2002. Daei went back to Perspolis, after seven years in 2003. He has national record for most games and most goals on the national team so he is so popular among Iranian people. Daei is first international goal scorers in the list of scorers.

Ali Daei and his daughter Noura emotional connection is extremely good. He loves Noura and despite the huge economic activities tries to take his daughter and take her to travel and leisure.

Ali Daei was introduced as UNICEF Representative in football in 2007 by the Iranian Football Federation. Ali Daei is the most expensive coaches working in professional league in Iran.

Amazing result of 5 months of Korean young couples life

Each year, the selection and presentation of Miss World competition held and women from around the world who participate in the process and eliminate many of the participants were very few of them reach the final stage.

Miss World will be chosen among them. These recent events have widened in some countries separately held. The beauty queen is chosen and the nation after winning the men are extremely popular and have worked as a model or actor.

It’s another example of blind women, the disabled, women, the elderly or obese women are held in the form of their own fans and participants themselves.

In one of the matches that for obese women. However, there are specific requirements for the winners, they also got a great reputation. Ms. Moran Baranes woman who would be chosen as the most beautiful woman in the world obese. This interesting event was held as obesity and beauty that she was the winner of this year’s tournament.

40 women participated in the tournament. Condition of the race having a weight between 80 to 120 kg. The race Moran Baranes was chosen as the most beautiful woman in this tournament. In 2013 as an accountant obese Arab Lebanese beauty queen won the first competition was in 2013.

According to Al Jazeera news of a 21-year-old accountant, was the first in an Arabic country to win the title.

The ceremony, hosted a live interview in Lebanon, a Lebanese woman who was chosen by a panel of four international judges. The competition was attended by 10 participants from other Arabic countries.

According to Al-Arabiya reports, the competition aims to increase confidence in obese than their appearance was held. Al Jazeera news agency said, many Lebanese citizens after the ceremony, encouraged her brave enough to where the standard of beauty is slim as obese women participated.

Andranik Madadian : Andy

Born in the year 1958 Andrian Madadian Aka Andy is an Armenian Iranian song writer and singer.

How it all started

He claimed to fame in the year 1985 by introducing two albums. Creating early show icon to the silver screen and show stage was a trademark of ANDY, Persia’s fabulous music outcast otherwise known as “The Prince of Persia” or “The Persian Elvis” in media rings, who has discharged different collections offering in the millions, all through the world with endless Number 1 hits Voice of America.

The Persian system called the Iranian/Armenian the best craftsman of the year and Armenian beat called him the best Armenian universal vocalist of the year. Andy has visited broadly around the globe many times exaggerating a percentage of the globes most prestigious venues, theaters and stadiums. A humane, he has seemed and helped in numerous International magnanimous reasons, most as of late having recorded “Remained by Me” with Jon Bon Jovi to show solidarity for the populace of Iran gathering 7 million hit on youtube. Appearances in peculiarity movies have incorporate DREAMWORKS’  “The House of Sand and Fog” (Sir Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly) where Andy is offered singing in the film and helped the score and he has underpinned and helped a few non mainstream movies, for example, “Futbaal”, “The Florist”, and Guide Company Films “The Keeper” (The Legend of Omar Khayyam) with Academy Award Winner Vanessa Redgrave,  in which Andy plays the  legislative leader of the antiquated city of Samarkand. Andy first made his imprint on ABC’s 2001 generation of the “Princess and the Marine”.


Andy wedded his long time mate and craftsman Shani Rigsbee on November 11 2011. Around 1992, the couple started working and visiting together and not long after they found Shani had ovarian disease. She had an early hysterectomy in 1992 and is doing admirably. The few is connected with tumor related foundations and has performed together for the American Cancer Society’s Relay forever.

A Talented and hopeful Gymnasts Grandmother!

Johanna Quaas 86-year-old retired teacher from Germany who exercise every day used to do gymnastics. Almost every day, her sports practices is on parallel bars. She currently earned 11 Senior Citizen Medal Gymnastics Germany Championships. During a break in Cottbus Challenger Cup gymnastics competition audiences was shocked and amazed.

Not only she do a full gymnastics, but also she can keep her body flat on the bars and keep her balance. She can pass and perform balance, cycling gear, and roll back well. Her performance video by GymMedia.com has gone on YouTube on display. The video was seen more than 1.4 million times. She even hire and she is on interviews most of the time. She says that she has already do gymnastics “just for fun”. She has stopped participation regularly in the tournaments for herself because actually there is no competition in her age range. He says: “I want to give others a chance too, and I hope that they know that they can do what they do as well as they can. She spent 70 years to do it.

No entertainment is attractive enough for her. Guinness World Record for the most people old is Walter Liesner from Germany 94 years old. Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest screen parallel bars, with 343 participants in an event organized by the Turnverein Sulz (Switzerland) Switzerland won. Showing balance, strength and flexible will be the envy of one quarter of her age, Quaas typical class consists of balance forward roll, cartwheel, backward roll bars and headstand while she do it well, holding her body trained and parallel to the ground was another function.

Mrs. Quaas has been special guest on many live shows called “talk shows” in Argentina, Rome, Belgium, Romania, London and Germany. Hundreds of newspapers, only China, have released according to the German gymnastics-grandmother.