Amazing, Strange, Mysterious in Australia

Have you ever seen when looking at the skies, which is not similar to the clouds? Like Cumulus sometimes strange resemblance to a bear or dog. Australian residents are lucky enough to witness this amazing and rare weather phenomenon in the sky in their country. East Victoria in Australia in the sky cloudy in the afternoon on November 3 rare rainbow-like spaceship is made with layers. People have different ideas about what is formed. Some thought is a sign of alien, others say it is a sign of the end of the world. Others thought this happened because of government interference in the climate.

Michael Zac Australian Bureau of Meteorology says that a cloud looks “Fallstreak” hole called punch cloud. Clouds are made of water droplets and this phenomenon occurs when the air temperature is below the freezing temperature that causes the water droplets to form ice crystals and such a rare phenomenon occurs when the cloud began to pour ice, but the ice melts and the ground reach.

In this part of the sky between the clouds and the beautiful rainbow of the hole to be seen through the hole. This unique punch clouds known as “Hole punch Cloud”. The researchers found that clouds and flying airplane in icy clouds will cause freezing plane and shutdown, because the surrounding fuselage, wings and propeller gets very cold water, concentrated and freeze at -40 ° will cause horrible things.

The Iranian Students News Agency report in 1940 on the formation of water droplets and ice crystals in frozen clouds rainbow refraction was similar. The underlying layers of cloud water droplets forming a big hole. That is fantastic.

Circular or oval hole created in the cloud to be split such that the lower and middle layers of the cloud is created, and the water droplets freeze and rise. Then gradually collapsed and the hole left behind. This phenomenon is perfectly normal and similar to the clouds generated by aircraft.

Choose a Destination That Will Never Erase the Memory of This Vacation to Maui In Hawaii

Holiday is when you enjoy yourself, holiday is when you get to a place which will make you forget about your rigorous life, and holiday is when you are in the islands of Hawaii known as Maui.

Yes! This is one place that each and every visitor will simply love being in, and are sure to visit again, as you might get tired but this place will never get tired of surprising you with its scenic beauty and its several various factors of entertainment. To start with you can enjoy the beach life to your fullest in Maui, Hawaii, then there are beautiful and majestic mountains that will keep your eyes busy all the while, and if you are one of those sporty kinds you sure are going to love the trekking experience in these mountains. To top it all nature is at its best when it comes to the lush rain forest of Maui, but it that was not all there is a marine life of the most exotic and absolutely breath taking kinds that you will miss all the while, from the time you are back from your holiday to this island of Hawaii till the time you are back there again to enjoy life to the fullest.

You can reach Maui very easily, as transportation has never been a problematic area for this place, as it is pretty well connected with the Kahului Airport, which is considered to be the main airport which connects to the islands of Maui. Apart from that if you are a bit stringent in your spending, but still wish to enjoy a beautiful and natural place with beaches and mountains, then too Maui is just the right place, as there are various ranges offered to you when it comes to a comfortable stay, as well as car rental facilities which will give you the freedom to roam around.

You shouldn’t miss this relaxing places: The Most Relaxing Places World


Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian Islands series, and unlike other islands, luxurious accommodations and no crowded beaches. So actually what the island has to offer? Pristine beaches and untouched nature. Here is the perfect place for those travelers who want to just relax and stay away from the commotion of the usual holiday. On the island, there are only two of the highway and had to visit the most spectacular parts of the hike. In fact, this is the reward of those who seek a full day at the heart of nature, had to be abandoned.

Lowe Vanva Island (Vanua Levu), Fiji

One of the most relaxing places in the world known as Fiji, especially the island’s second largest island of Fiji. But has the advantage that the island is ideal for travelers tired, feeling that they bring comfort and isolation. Travelers can lay on the beach all day, or perhaps visit the mountainous territory reef diving among them. The resort, the diving experience than usual is also known as the locals call it “Paradise Lost”.


If you’re in search of a concentration suitable for rest and recreation, why not put some in Jamaica? For lovers of peace, a place better than this country. Guests can camp out on the beaches, the parties held on the beach at night and accompanied by Jamaican Happy songs, or participate in the Blue Mountains travel. Since in this area there are good climatic conditions, activities that are performed in the open air, such as walking or water sports experience for the first time, will be more enjoyable. Also in this area resorts have different prices for every budget. So what is a low budget or plan to have a rest in a 5 star hotel, Jamaica welcomes you with open face.


Woman masterful technique and experience deep relaxation can be achieved only in this part of the world. Here is the ultimate destination for those who want to learn “Zen”. particular school of thought that advocates the Buddha of the seventh century AD ever follow it, so we can expect to have a relaxed and friendly place. In addition, passengers can be settled in the mountains or socialize with local people to become familiar with the culture of the people better. Many tourists do not visit this area, so it is away from the commotion and the crowd and enjoy the holidays.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island belonging to French Polynesian Islands of the Pacific Ocean and located near Australia. Since setting up as a tourist destination by far, the most famous stars who have fled there to escape reporters, camera flash. Here is a place for people who want a peaceful vacation away from the bustle of city life are accelerated. In addition to the clear waters, activities such as camping and hiking are also other reasons for the attractiveness of the island. While lying on the beach all day, alone is good entertainment.

Virgin Islands, Great Britain

Virgin Islands of the Caribbean experience can complete the experiences. The islands guests can use a variety of creative activities with them and enjoy swimming and diving in the clear waters. Travelers visiting the Archeological remains of St. Philip’s Church on the island of Tortola (Tortola) is located, informative tour of the area’s rich history and culture will be.


This place is the most favorite tourist destination for the people who come from all corners of the world. Venice still remains the most beautiful city in the world. It is situated in marshy Vatican Lagoon which gives the city a very unique charm. The lagoon stretching along the shore line gives a different kind of view to the whole city. This city is a world heritage site.  The buildings and architecture of the city gives a historical feeling to the city. It is one of the romantic cities of the town. The city is a centre of spice, silk and grain business.  People and tourist are always engrossed with art and culture in the city. Opera music has a huge popularity in this city.


With some beautiful monuments beside the Seine river, Paris attracts thousands of travelers every year. The city is sophisticated and elegant.  Walled Cathedral gives a historical city a touch of class. The Eiffel tower, Louvre museum will give very good memory and you will feel nostalgic. This city has got the taste of wearing fashionable clothes and boutiques range in the world. People often come to do shopping in this part of world.


This is another city which does not have the fame of the other two. But it has got its own beauty. Tourist comes to see monuments, buildings and museums architectures are based on Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance eras styles. Prague still remains the most visited and the most voted beautiful in the world.


Personal homes of the world’s top CEOs

In May this year, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought the property at a cost of $ 7 million. Many details has been published about the property 5 thousand square feet with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Some magnificent mansions and visionary CEOs in the world with unique features that remain outstanding perspectives on the ocean, forests, mountains, rivers has provided for them.

Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions

Location: Montecito California – price: $ 50 million

Area of 23 thousand square feet

With 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms

In 2010, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most recognized figures in the media world montecito purchased its current building.

Hubert Guez, Ed Hardy

Location: Holmby Hills Los Angeles – Price: US $ 23.5 million

Area: 17 171 thousand square feet

With 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms

When Michael Jackson died in 2009. His mansion with a monthly rent of one hundred thousand dollars maintained.

Michael Dell, Dell

Location: Austin, Texas – Price: US $ 18.5 million

Area of 33 thousand square feet

With 8 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms

Dell CEO Michael Dell is the world’s second largest producer of personal computers

Steve Jobs, Apple

Palo Alto California – price: $ 2.6 million

Area: 5 thousand and 678 square feet

With 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms

Like many other prominent figures in the world of technology, Steve Jobs also resides in Northern California.

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Location: Medina, Washington – Price: US $ 122.4 million

Area: 50.050 square feet

With 8 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms

Bill Gates is the richest person in America

Scott M. Boruff – Miller Energy Resources

Location: Knoxville Tennessee – Price: US $ 8.5 million

Area: 36 720 thousand square feet

With 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms

Boruff wife in 2006 after six years of his life she lost her fight with cancer.

Larry Ellison, Oracle

Location: San Francisco – price: $ 6.4 million

Area: 10 742 thousand square feet

With 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms

Oracle CEO has six houses, one of which is located in San Francisco.

Dan Spence, Procorp associates

Location: Texas Woodlands – price: $ 19 million

Area: 30 717 thousand square feet

Has 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms

A management consulting firm in the areas of energy, finance and manufacturing.

Leo Apotheker, hp

Location: Atherton California – Price: $ 7 million

Area: 6 thousand 280 square feet

With 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms

In September 2010, was appointed as CEO of HP.

Strange, Fantastic and Pink Lake in Western Australia!

In Western Australia there is an extraordinary landscapes that is a pink lake. Hillier Lake lake-pink in the middle of the island, has the largest island of the archipelago’s research. On top view Pink Lake looks like a pink bubble gum. The lake is about 600 meters long and the edge is surrounded by the sand and paper bark forests and eucalyptus trees and a narrow strip of sand dunes covers the specific plant where it is separated from the southern ocean blue. No body doesn’t fully knows why the lake is pink.

Scientists believe that the pink color in the presence of certain bacteria in the crust of salt lake. Lake explorer Matthew Flinders magazines dating back to the middle of the island in 1802. It is in a pristine wilderness lake in the middle of the island and it is so beautiful. You can also enjoy and explore abundant wildlife of the islands of the archipelago in the researches.

When the weather is almost cold, the lake becomes a soft shade of pink that has a high concentration of algae in the water. It is better if you walk along the lake due to algae caution. The lake is known by Bird Life International as an important bird Area and rare habitats, as well as to support significant number of birds that lived there.

Lots of people go there to see and do around Esperance including horseback riding, hiking and biking, fishing, scuba diving, whale watching (May to October), surfing, down with ropes, sailing and 4WD drive tours. There is a fantastic area and many of people like to spend their time there.

Driving along the West Road and watch Twilight West Coast, the Blue Haven Beach, Coast salmon, four beautiful beaches is very enjoyable and interesting. We recommend that visit there once.

The Colorful Hills in East Central Oregon

When you will visit to the Corrective Hills, you will acquisition abounding actual facts which are lying there for millions of years in the layers of mountain. It changes its colour from time to time.

The hills get their name from cautiously atramentous stratification soil. The colours get arresting abnormally in the afternoon as they change their accoutrements from red gold, chicken to black. The tones and hues keeps on alteration from every appointment as the adobe rock alter from every alteration light. Ones you see them in absolute you will appealing calmly accept why these colourful hills of east axial Oregon are so admirable and why they are alleged 7 wonders of Oregon.

The corrective Hills are one of the three units that comprise John Day Fossil. Yield time to as well appointment The Clarno Unit, with Mars-like pillars formed by waterfalls and agitable sludge, and the Sheep Rock Unit, area fossils of plants and animals like saber-toothed bodies are on affectation at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center. Scientists abstraction 50 actor years of bulb and beastly change and a accumulating of 40,000 fossils here, and you can apprentice how aboriginal cousins of elephants and rhinos roamed the apple you’re continuing on. To get there, yield the Journey through Time Scenic Byway through the apparition boondocks of Shaniko, again on to the boondocks of Fossil (named afterwards the behemothic cartilage begin there), area you can dig for your own anachronistic souvenir. Plan to stop at the Kam Wah Chung and Co. Museum, altogether preserved angishore from a aeon ago.

Activities in these colourful hills

There are lots of things that you can do while you are travelling in these hills. You can go for rock climbing and bungee jumping and also can indulge yourself in skiing. For adventure lovers this is a perfect place.