Eternal love and fidelity, and who always had a story like that in the real world, but in reality it is not. Even though they both love these little stories are still unfolding, and quickly spread throughout the world. When true love is a durable some of these stories are beautiful in every way.

A 26-year-old Chinese man with a 21-year-old nominated who was murdered before he married 8 days!

The couple planned to marry each other in the February quarter, but on January 28, a week before the wedding to be unlucky girl is killed by two robbers. With all the pain and lack of love he still wanted to marry his fiancé. The funeral was held in the hall weddings and family celebrations we had both. The bride wore a beautiful dress and was lying in a crystal coffin.

Photo bride and groom in front of the hall to welcome the guests were on hand. A couple other things to prove their love before death. Marriage the bride and groom in love with her fiance in the last days of the bride and groom to prove his love. “Zhuang Huagui” cancerous the nodes was 24 years old and 6 months to fight this disease.

But now he was so severe that doctors no longer able to survive speech he gave up hope. “Zhuang Huagui” Three years ago on Valentine’s Day of the girl since childhood he was interested in the proposal. Matchmaking ceremony was held in a room full of pictures of beautiful beaches around the world.

On the day of the wedding was at the bedside of his dying wife stood up to the weddings take place. But he had done so dire that the priest replied ceremony to present the “I accept the fiance was only able to gently push.