65-year-old woman who is pregnant 4 twins: Annegret Raunigk

65-year-old German woman who owns 13 children and 7 grandchildren is on the verge of giving birth and the medical examiner quad. Annegret Raunigk citizen of Berlin has give birth to the last her child in 2005 at age 55 and is pregnant again and this time is going to break the world record by giving birth to quadruplets.

According to German media reports more children of German women by “in vitro fertilization”, which is outside of Germany, were born. The twenty-first week of pregnancy Ren is German and has declared itself during her pregnancy symptoms is normal.

Motherhood, pregnancy can be a sweet dream and a sense of fun and a great joy to be with you. It is normal for this type of dreams and emotions in some more, others less. The researchers believe that a strong impetus for the care and development of the baby and the mother feels an instinctive reaction is largely due to the structure of the brain.

In this study, the brains of 19 women who had recently given birth were examined (10 boys and 9 girls). The brains of these women 2 to 4 weeks before delivery and 3 to 4 months after the shooting.

Evaluation of brain images showed that the volume of brain gray considerably in different parts of the brain increases. Modified the mothers consisted of motivation, emotion control, support, reasoning and judgment. This growth is the result of brain nerve cells, increasing the complexity of the connections between these cells and the neural network is expanding.

A grandmother is in her eighth month of pregnancy and is scheduled next month in a hospital in West America, the birth of her grandson. A Peruvian grandmother gives birth to her son in America next month. America Peruvian media reported that a 58 year old grandmother, next month will give birth to her grandson .

67 arrested at home nak*d male and female!

The industry is rare in the operation of underground networks dreaded police cracked down and nak*d and half-nak*d boys and girls were detained in a room and hall.

Thousands of police in a special operation in the city of Dongguan in China by arresting 67 members of the s*x trade house of prosti*ution in order to spread the deadly virus HIV in 12 venues located in a building special equipment in order to accomplish the goals evil and inhuman, these were bonded.

Prosti*ution is outlawed in China after the Communist Revolution in 1949, but after the economic reforms to create a free market campaign began three decades ago. Dongguan area is known as a hub for the s*x industry. According to officials with AIDS and other viral diseases in China increased by victims of se*ual concerns officials in China.

Europe’s largest brothel located in Germany this crib features 12 floors of the building with 120 rooms and 120 women are working there. Every day more than 1,000 people are in this brothels.

Ania Lisewska, who declared Polish woman wants to have s*x with more than 100 thousand people from all over the world, and Thursday 26 September in an interview stated that his s*xual marathon is “accelerating” and that he intends for this purpose to countries Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan go.

She did the interview a day after the Lebanese authorities on wednesday guidelines were communicated to all entry points of the country in which, entering the territory is prohibited. Despite the ban, which it claimed that the interest Ania Lisewska in Lebanon and other Arab countries in the region have contacted hir and asked for her participation in the marathon.

She says: “I’m from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, have contacts and I would like to see these countries as soon as possible. Especially in Iraq, I have many fans that I want to go home. But the problem is that the Iraqi authorities do not allow me to enter. ”

69-year-old woman, the oldest DJ in world: Ruth Flowers

Ruth Flowers is a woman who has done something that few people can do it. The 69-year-old woman known as the world’s oldest DJ. She is called the “mother rock” has been doing amazing things. She is athletic and casual clothing for men and always with prevailing fashion. Ruth nationality is from England but French clubs have already won many fans.

Adventure DJs to celebrate the birth of her grandson’s wife is concerned. 4 years ago, when she was 65, in her grandson’s birthday party at a nightclub in London, where she became interested in music. She spoke with her grandson who wants to become a DJ.

She took a while to convince her grandson, but eventually learned the basics of music and now it has become a professional DJ. She wants to hold a concert in a nursing home! Ruth Flowers grew in a very musically oriented family. Her father was a chef, and her brothers or pianist / violinist / Countertenor, bassist or guitarist and her sister, pianist / keyboard. After several years with a son and a granddaughter and her husband went to Portugal, where they lived for 10 years. After her husband died, she came to her native, England.

Despite working on several interesting projects in photography, she felt that something was missing in her life. Ruth always thought that age is no excuse not to give up desires and at 57 he went to Berlin Marathon. Ruth helped Franklin to organize the musical birth of her grandson. A few days later, she confirmed that she is in fact rooted in the idea seriously. Ruth died on May 26, 2014. News was delivered via their official website and Facebook to her fans. We should note that this woman taught us fighting for our wishes and pleasure.

98-year-old woman who got a Judo Dan 10: Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Judo means: “way of softness or flexibility”, martial art that originated from Japan. Judo Jujitsu is a martial art originated in 1932 by a Japanese doctor Kanō Jigorō was founded.

Is now the site of the World Federation of Judo in Japan. Judo is a martial first string were entered in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. This field athletes, Q 10 degrees from the beginning or the white belt with belt during Q1 to Q9 yellow, green, purple, brown or black belt was promoted to the rank of Dan. Dan Black Belt from the beginning and continues to do 10. Fukuda is now one of the 4 people in the world live the tenth degree black belt in Judo is received.

To understand the success Sensei Keiko Fukuda is necessary to know that throughout history, only 16 people have won this honor. Mrs. Sensei Keiko Fukuda began practicing judo in 1935 and the only living pupil of the founder of judo school. She learned English teacher urged to promote international judo.

At a time when getting married, starting a family and household in the community was a common custom, Sensei Keiko Fukuda Unlike existing traditions, learn judo and martial arts preferred.

She says: “I just worked judo and jujitsu I got married. I had never thought about it a long way. ”

The school has long judo black belt, women were not allowed to have more than 5 Sensei Keiko Fukuda, one of the women in schools was launched in 1972, was promoted to honor the 6-degree black belt. Sensei Keiko Fukuda says, she consciously chose to judo at the same gentleness, kindness and beauty as well as physically and mentally strong and powerful. Sensei Keiko Fukuda says it is not aware of the beauty of appearance and adds to the beauty of the soul of kindness. I believe in life and in my dreams I love this kind of beauty.

150-pound woman killed her husband by sitting down on him: Donna Simpson

A 150-pound woman sitting on her husband and killed him. An American woman with 150 kilos after a battle with her husband, to sit on his body, he planted 80 kg. These days, being overweight is a problem with most people and they love in any way possible to lose weight a few kilos overweight, but this is sometimes a way to kill a man by his wife!

According to the Washington Times in 1991, an American woman weighing 150 kg, following a domestic dispute with her husband sitting on the death of his 80 kilos.

Donna Simpson 42 years old and 273 pounds, aims to become the world fattest woman and her weight is added every day. To do this she must weigh 447 kilos. Added to this there is a great risk of a double motive. First, she wants to be in the Guinness Record Book as the most obese woman in the world to records her name and secondly, the 49-year-old Donna’s husband also loves her obesity.

Her husband likes her belly to reach her knees. Her favorite food is sushi and loves cake and sweets. Donna XXXXXXXL size clothing is hardly possible for her to move. She was able to walk a hundred meters short of breath and rapid way and fall according to doctors Obesity is very dangerous.

The prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide. In recent decades, the prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically in the United States. Obesity is not only a problem in adults and in children and adolescents is a growing trend. According to statistics, half of all people living in Tehran are overweight and 20 percent are obese.

Three decades ago, for the treatment of obesity and overweight people are advised to modify their lifestyle habits to change their eating and physical activity that is visible in the long term effects of this method. Today, due to the relatively meager success and the unwillingness of people to change their lifestyle, diet and exercise, the use of dietary supplements has been proposed as an alternative.

700 thousand dollar luxury home with all the amenities!

Internet pages were filled by the news about the special relationship between a famous actress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt a few years ago and another issue has been added recently and is about child Shiloh Jolie Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to sell their home in their ad New Orleans. The selling price of the house and Five to six million dollars. The 710-square-meter old house that was built in 1830 with a small pool, five bedrooms and three bath. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s house in 2006, the amount of three million five hundred thousand dollars while the city recently bought by the Hurricane Katrina disrupted.

Shiloh when was a child attract too much attention from the media and journalists. One thing that is noticed about Shiloh is a great resemblance to her parents. Especially after the red carpet with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought Shiloh with each other and she participated at that ceremony. She is much like his parents and Hollywood headlines pay attention to that and his parents apparently not satisfy about it.

Parents decided do not let the photos be released unless the law or contract or with their permission. So it came to the place where the American magazine People for the right to publish the pictures in North America, was willing to pay $ 4.1 million deal.

An English magazine called Hello would pay $ 3.5 million to acquire the license for the international publishing pictures. Of course we should not forget that this couple is benevolent and honorable all the benefits of these agreements Jolie and Pitt donated to charity to be used in public works.

But finance is not the only reason for the popularity of Shiloh, but also the birth place of Shiloh is a special exception. Angelina Jolie a UN peace ambassadors and Brad Pitt decided through consultation that the first child open her eyes to the world in the territory of Namibia and even take her Namibian passport! She born in May 28, 2006.

A 12-year-old boy and girl become parents!

Great Britain’s The Sun newspaper reported the mother and father that are 12 and 13 year-old. British girl has a child were in the London Sunday week. Healthy baby girl and 3 kilos and 180 grams of weight. According to the report youngest British parents have decided to jointly hold their baby.

Great Britain because of the law media image of the parents of teenagers who are studying in primary school, were not released. Grandmother (mother) of the newborn girl and a 27 year old woman living in North London.

Since 2002, a total of 15 girls aged 10 and 39 have been pregnant 11 year old girl in England and Wales. These figures have shocked many officials and families of English. Scotland’s youngest mother was pregnant at age 11 and at age 12, gave birth to her son.

Experts believe this figure could be higher because of the number of these children are illegal to have an abortion. Government research shows that 60 percent of girls who become pregnant at an early age to have an abortion.

An estimated 300 annual 13-year-old girl in England and Wales are pregnant. Since 2002, 63 thousand and 487 pregnancies among girls aged 15 to 23 reported that an average day looks. The 12-year-old girls and 2 thousand 268 pregnancies in 527 pregnancies in girls 13 years have been recorded.

At present it is not clear how many of these pregnancies resulted in the birth of the child, and how many boys are very young parents. Great Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in West Europe and this is while many attempts by the government to reduce the number of teen pregnancy has been done.

Experts believe these figures indicate the onset of s*xual crisis among children and adolescents are at a very early age. And maybe a lot of girls at an early age due to the unintended victims of s*xual abuse.

A 80 cm man married a to a 188 cm woman: Verne Troyer & Geneviève Gallen

Verne Troyer role as a stunt actor and began his first job in 1994, played in the film Baby’s Day Out, and then appeared in Czech in 1996 and in 1998 Mighty Joe Young played. His comedy film little man who played in 2003 as the director of the film edge work that makes him a great reputation.

He was one of three children of the family. Verne Troyer was the only child in the family that the baby was suffering from dwarfism. After graduating from high school in 1987, he finally discovered acting.

In 1999 with the film Austin Powers the Spy Who Shook the speed of a sweet man went to a movie star. She continued to work in the next few years more than Troyer see that it is able to regain its previous success on the screen.

But in his personal life has many strange happenings and has many weird stories. His relationship with yoga instructor who has long passed and many have seen the two of them together. This news was incredibly early for all but the length of this relationship proved a serious news. Unfortunately, recently released news of their relationship, they strongly say that the relationship is broken. Verne Troyer has split from her lover infidelity.

On 25 June 2008, a video was released from private home of Verne Troyer, who had sex with his ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider and it was so bad for him. The video was filmed in 2008, which many say she betrayed her fiancé and their behavior indicates a loose connection. The video was released of a man who was trying to sell was arrested on a complaint of Verne Troyer is done by a lawyer, he hopes to be able to this organize the situation and systematize it.

A Bad Disease That Make Your Skin Wrinkled!

Our skin protects our bodies, but that’s not all. This gives our face to the world. When it is healthy, it can be a source of beauty. Sometimes due to environmental factors or genetic diseases caused changes in our skin. Sometimes severe and causes the appearance of the overall changes. Ho Young is a 28 years old woman who has two children, but it does not take much pleasure in her life because she has a bad disease that during the short time she became old and wrinkled, and she is no longer young. This woman is from China and she has a very rare disease “Cutis Laxa” that make skin wrinkled and it increases rapidly aging, so that in six months “Ho-young” form 28-year-old reached the age of 70 years.

She says that after the birth of her second child this disease began. Over a period of 6 months it affected on her skin, so that she could not be identified and was afraid to look in the mirror.

There are only a sample of the disease in China and it is one of the 10 cases had been identified in the world. She believes her husband’s support has helped very much. Cutis Laxa in her skin make an extremely rare condition in her appearance. Cutis Laxa is a rare connective tissue disorder where the skin is stretched and stretched and wrinkle. First of all this condition affects the face.

Usually the disease is inherited but in the case of Ho, the mutation occurred or maybe before leap. Another symptom of this disease is that the joints may become loose. In more severe cases also other organizations suffer from disease.

Plastic surgery is a treatment for preventing and there is not any treatment for cure.

Ho believes that she more needs psychological treatment because mental health problems are more common than physically problems.

A Beautiful, Cute girl like a TV character!

Instagram recently published news was welcomed by many of people. Internet has exploded because she has been dubbed the Queen Elsa alive and has attracted the attention of many people from all over the world. Anna Carlson, 18-year-old Florida girl is a stunning resemblance is a character in the animated film Ice Queen Elsa. She has managed to attract many fans and many headlines and news sites are interested to chase her. She is also popular among children and for children has become a popular character. A year ago, she published a photo of herself and animated character Elsa in social networks and she has the large number of contracts from modeling companies and TV interviews. Now, she has more than 375,000 followers in the Instagram. She be able to find many job opportunities for herself.

Anna was already famous in his homeland after appearing in magazines and television, international fame finds. Even were invited to a royal banquet in the United Arabic Emirates!

In an interview with a magazine, said: “I am still very surprised by what happened, and I feel like I’m living in a fairy tale and I cannot believe that this has happened to me and my sister.”

Anna also with her sister, Lexus who dress like Princess (the character Elsa in animation frozen) wears to work as a team with each other. When Anna reach to fame, with her sister perform many times to happy children with cancer and they didn’t get money for show runs. She said she enjoys and loves the pleasure of children, especially children with cancer.

Despite all the propaganda and news yet little has been published about her and we know only that she is a model from Florida. Her appearance is similar to that and she is completely normal and she is amazed at this, if you have not yet follow her on Instagram, you made a bad mistake!

World Cup beautiful spectator girl became model: Axelle Despiegelaere

In recent decades the world, much of the credit model (or models) are extremely high and it’s gone to a place other professionals have already bee. These professionals are highly popular model with fame and money in the credit and income of millions of dollars a year on advertising and jackets are vowel.

In recent years it has also been considered in the profession and many fans are looking to enter the world of professional modeling. This despite the fact that there is no comprehensive definition of credible modeling. No one is simply good-looking mannequin figure and certain standards must be in different contexts.

One model is the model of art, fashion or advertising with a special gesture mode and displays. Modeling of other perform and publicly display such as acting, dance and pantomime is distinct, although the boundaries between them are not completely understood. Usually appearing in movies or regardless of the nature of the function cannot be regarded as modeling.

However, since the models generally show their photos to show your emotion, a lot of them know their players. The World Cup was the most beautiful girl viewer of this story is that 17-year-old Belgian girl, named Axelle Despiegelaere, while cheering Belgium, the subject was a photographer.

This photo after the release, the speed of the virtual world, especially Twitter shared on a day to 220 thousand Fan Page Likes reached. At the same time, large companies and famous Laurent, which is one of the oldest companies in the cosmetics, shampoos and creams, for her the Proposal.

Axelle Despiegelaere share on her facebook page photo released by Laurent promotional shirt. She wrote that the company has signed contracts for the images in a short time, it seemed there was a new era for New Axelle Despiegelaere known, started.

But recently announced the picture later, the surge in opposition Laurent users, the company was forced to cancel and apologize to the fans. Apparently the release of photos of the girl of seventeen years, while the body of a deer hunting rifle in hand, and on the side of a mountain can be seen.

A beautiful girl who is looking for a man to make her pregnant:Elena Komleva

A 28-year-old Russian girl, put an ad on a website that is for a man to give her a child. On the other hand, a pretty girl of 22 Canadians, because a lot of similarities in names suggested by men who wanted to get her pregnant.

Russian girl to dream that her mother, the grandmother, her latest, this ad is placed on this website. And men to act as sperm donors to go to her mother and she chooses the winner.

And plans to frozen sperm of her husband, who died in 2008 due to cancer, do fertilization. Because he feared his wife would lose her chemotherapy that allow the sperm to be frozen. However, the French judicial system initially rejected his application, but the Court of Appeals for the investigation is ongoing.

In another case, Mr. “Le Van” and his wife, were in the province of Quang Nam, without interest were married. Together with their parents and neighbors had promised to marry their children with each other. The couple were in love after marriage and lived together well.

One neighbor said: “Mr. Le Van and her husband was a carpenter and they had a good financial situation, but Mr. Van went bankrupt because of gambling. However, they continued to love. Le Van did not allow her to work too. They had 7 children. ”

Because of the difficulties, Van was forced to sell his house and build a smaller home. Despite opposition from his carpenter wife left her and went looking for stone extraction.

Although the story is not new, but many still want to know Van story because he was digging his grave despite opposition from neighbors and local authorities? Why a healthy person has a strange behavior? Do not bury his dead wife again? Reporters went to see Mr. Le Van to find the answer.