A few months ago on this page, we posted the release of the presence of many Iraqis in Mashhad.

So they ban on performing the concert in the city, according to a hadith from Imam Reza! Concerts in the city is prohibited.

The photos and video of the blessed people! Iranian to visit and they wants a woman in a city that has been dubbed as heads of the spiritual capital of Iran! After the domination of Isis and insecurity in Iraq and also turned down the national currency’s value seeing Iraqis are in Mashhad.

The city has introduced many singers and musicians, now needs to showcase the spread of prostitution in the country is temporary!

A woman who was not identified, in the town of Golestan, warned by the police because the she was improperly dressed. A few minutes later she stripped off her clothes in the street and began to run. It is believed that excessive consumption of glass caused by women is such an ugly act.

People in Ladan Boulevard, Mashhad early Sunday morning faced with the strange scene. They saw a young woman with very poor coverage, and while her behavior seemed unnormal was walking. To report to the police, police officers and social emergency team immediately went into action, and the woman was arrested. 27-year-old female officers for the coordination of social emergency technicians to study the pathology of 123 handed in his place.

Probably one of the most innovative shame auctions Up to now, Italian buyers to achieve free and half-price clothes, they were nak*d. According to the website of the British “Daily Mirror”, the Spanish brand (Desigual) in the last week, a party to mark the start of t*pless Specials Rome and Turin, Italy, organized in January. This is so bad that we here this news.