These days we see a lot of people are willing to have a beautiful face and figure to obtain the desired cosmetic surgery out but this case is quite different about Kristina Rei. One of the operations in various parts of the world in recent years become increasingly popular among girls, is big lips.

Girls who engage in this work, which they consider to be more beautiful while acknowledging all beauty experts, this action is not only unsightly but also further doesn’t add to the beauty of her face. Kristina Rei who is only 22 years old from the age 17 start to inject the gel into her lips to have big lips. She has experienced more than 100 injections and she plans to continue its work.

Kristina says that no matter how people treat on the street with me because I am satisfied of my work and I’ve spent more than 6000 dollars for it and still continue to do my work. She was injected with 100 Amp Silicon for this work and she has very big lips and for the lips she named “the world’s largest lips” and this is so weird.

She is said to be a natural addition to her real face and she lost her beauty, she is like the cartoon character.

“Kristina Rei” said: I’m addicted to my big lips. Despite the high costs and pain and I have decided that it is, as I continue to expand for my lips because I am so beautiful!

Scientific studies have shown that highlight the disadvantages of prosthetic lips with fat for fat grafting I not good and almost constant and is appropriate to highlight more of these methods should be avoided, because the results looks very bad. Fat injections can cause complications grainy bumps and dents cited.