What is a Selfie Photo?

The social media has given rise to a strange phenomenon known as the Selfie. But it is not everybody who is aware of the term. A Selfie is a picture of yourself that is shared on social networking websites. Taking a Selfie photo was started by famous celebrities. There is too much behind the way we do it and why taking a Selfie has become a popular trend.

Who takes Selfies?

Everybody takes a Selfie photo, but younger crowds are involved in the trend so much because teenagers are heavy digital users compared to old people. There are some Selfies which are close ups, others show part of arm held straight outward. There are various types of Selfie styles. The social media is the driving force of Selfie activities, young kids want to be connected to girlfriends, boyfriends and crushes. They are active when it comes to sharing Selfies regularly.

Reasons why people take Selfies?

What kind of psychological factors that drives people to take a Selfie and upload it on any social networking website. Everybody situation is different, one of the reasons why most people take a Selfie photo, so that they can get attention from friends. Most people like to be noticed on social media and likes or comments from friends are a quick way to fish for compliments and boosting ones ego. Teenagers are the leading people who take part in this trend. They are not only plugged into the internet all the time but they have self esteem issues and most of them upload Selfies in order to deal with their self consciousness.

It is human nature to show off their great achievements. If you feel good about yourself it is simple to reach your phone. Another reason why people take Selfie is because they are bored. Most people are bored at work, home, toilet and at school. There are some people who take Selfies because they are idle and they have nothing to do. Social media is all about being social. If it means uploading many Selfies as possible do it. There are some people who do not require a reason to take a Selfie. They do it because they like doing it for fun.