Sheila was born in Tehran-Iran on November 5, 1980. She attended math at the high school and Chemistry at the University. She meet “Masud Kimiai” accidental who was a Big director in Iran and that was her Entering gate to the world of acting. .She also has talent in music . She’s favorite sports are football and Volleyball and her favorite football team is Esteghlal.

Sheila divine is married and his wife is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He also is active in the field of music and worked in several music groups. His favorite sport, soccer and volleyball, and his favorite team are independence.


Sheila was divine chemistry students of the University. She had performed in many dramas and also movies. The drama series which was named SMS from after life ran for a period of one month. An aging businessman under a load of debt decides to get rid of all his problems by planning the unthinkable. But as he launches his evil plan, he realizes everything isn’t as easy as he’d thought.

Our cinema is known that M. Kmyayy to a young talent is discovered. This is the name given to the stars in film today we have a special place, overpowering. and look at the art of the actor and actress categories is its durability or Avfl him. One of those talents that work in one of their first appearance Sheila M. Kmyayy opportunity is Khdad.

His first lead actor in the film hermetic protests began. Protest good outlet for a young inexperienced as he was talented and play alongside people like Darius venerable, Mitra Hajjar and MR humble he was a good experience. Water plays a young mother and her pregnant despite limited sequence played well and this is a good introduction for him in the movie Ali Zhekan Jesus comes to the role of women is a film actor.